Sales and marketing teams are getting better at working together, but there's still room for improvement and a little empathy goes a long way..

We've got a clearer understanding of the purchasing journey and how buyers interact with our content online before engaging with us, and we've got KPIs and targets that ensure we're all pushing in the same direction. But there are still a few things that I think sales teams want their colleagues in marketing to understand:

1. We're under a lot pressure

We know that you know that we're under pressure, but we aren't convinced that you understand just how much pressure - all the time.

Everything we do needs to help us close deals. So, while we're happy to support you and explain things, we're expecting these conversations to result in outputs that drive more sales.

2. Marketing qualified leads don't mean much to us

We know that you are measured on things like web traffic, social media growth and content downloads, but these mean very little to us. We need cold, hard leads: decision makers who are actively looking for a solution like ours and who have the budget.

This might mean that we value trade shows, intimate events and sales campaigns more than anything you do on the website or our blog.

3. We need you to set the stage for us

We would be over the moon if every lead the marketing team passed to us already knew about our company and its products. Even better if they understand why we're better than our competitors! Then all we'd need to do is do what we do best - knock their socks off with a brilliant demo and some irresistible ROI predictions...Which brings me to my next point.

4. We need hard content

We (sort of) understand the value of all that marketing content you create for our website, but what we really want is more middle- and bottom-of-funnel content.

We always need more case studies and testimonials. Answers to FAQs are handy, and something like an ROI calculator is gold!

5. We always have to edit your content - and that's OK

We know that you work hard to create sales enablement content for us - and it often does make life easier for us - but it's very rare that we'll send content to a prospect without customizing it. In fact, it would be weird if we did.

We have learned that personalized content is vital, we'll tailor it to ensure we include information the prospect has shared with us. We'd like to be encouraged and empowered to do this. We'd like to be able to find content that we know is correct and up to date, and we'd like it in a format that we can tailor.

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