We’ve been digging through the agenda, trying to work out how best to spend our time at Microsoft Inspire next week. There are just so many good sessions to choose from!

Last year we particularly enjoyed the practical sessions on social selling, content marketing and customer experience. Of course, marketing is ever evolving, and it’s time to brush up.

Here are 9 sessions that we’ll be attending this year:

Help! My IT messaging doesn’t work anymore

This one promises to help attendees create a robust go-to-market strategy for vertical markets. It’s going to be hosted by Sharka Chobot, from Neural Impact – a sales and marketing consultancy.

Find out how decision makers think, what marketing assets they pay attention to, and how to build emotionally engaging marketing.

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Co-market with Microsoft Go-to-Market (GTM) programs

We have worked with Microsoft’s Go-to-Market team for several years now and have gained so much from the partnership.

This session explores the benefits of the MPN program, which include: help increasing awareness, generating qualified leads, and growing through partnerships. 

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How to succeed at Direct Account Development 

Personalization is where it’s at in marketing at the moment, and many of us are working on account-based marketing (ABM) strategies.

We’re really looking forward to this session, where Julie Simpson will share practical advice for making ABM work.

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Engage the anonymous web buyer: How to increase online engagement and drive conversion

We have seen great success from inbound marketing, and our website is definitely our hardest working asset, but we’re always looking for ways to increase conversions.

This session reimagines the customer acquisition process and offers advice for converting a great percentage of online visitors.

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Smart marketing: Inside stories from marketing superstars who transformed their businesses

There’s nothing more inspiring than real-life stories. In this session, Microsoft’s Jennifer Tomlinson interviews marketing superstars to find out how they transformed their organizations.

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Reboot content marketing and customer experience in a post-digital world

 As an organization that invests heavily in content, we know that we need to stay on our toes to ensure our messaging (and the way we deliver it) remain relevant and engaging.

We’re looking forward to learning how to manage our content in the post-digital world.

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Customer power: Build a thriving customer-centric culture 

In this session our CEO, Ray Meiring, joins other award-winning Microsoft partners to share their experiences in delighting customers.

We have found that your business can reach great heights when a consistent dedication to improving the customer experience across all touch points shapes everything you do.

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Real-time marketing to grow business now 

How do you make sure potential customers can find you when they’re ready to? This session looks at how to engage customers on their terms, by changing the way we think about marketing.

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Scale your business through partner-to-partner (P2P) engagements 

As a Microsoft partner, you have a powerful (and cost effective) sales channel at your fingertips. In this session, Goran Anderson will teach us how to attract opportunities from other partners.

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