Good sales content starts good conversations and turns them into great relationships.

We often talk about sales content as if it's all about closing the deal. Marketing takes care of 'top of funnel' content to draw leads in and sales is responsible for converting those leads to customers, using 'bottom of funnel' sales content for pitches and proposals. 

It's easy to forget that there's a whole lot of education and trust-building that needs to happen in between. It's here - at the middle of the funnel - that marketing and sales come together to create content that builds relationships, overcomes objections, proves value, and advances the sales process.

Meeting in the middle

We all know how important the 'nurture' phase is. According to HubSpot, it now takes an average of 18 calls (that's excluding any other channel of communication) to actually connect with a buyer.

So, aside from all the digital content your marketing team is expected to create, they also need to be giving your sales reps more content: case studies, ROI calculations, product collateral, call scripts, objection-handling documents, demo presentations etc.

This places huge demand on your content creation budget!

The beauty of a data-driven content strategy

As a marketing leader, I spend most of my day immersed in data. At Qorus, a large part of our marketing budget goes into content creation - which is fine at the top of the funnel - I can work out which channels and activities bring in the best leads, and at the bottom of the funnel - I can see which pitches and proposals are most successful. But it's more challenging when it comes to middle-of-funnel content.

Until recently, I couldn't see what collateral is sent to customers - which means that, in many cases, we were working blindfolded. We created content that we assumed was useful to the sales team, and then we trusted that they actually used it. It's not the best way to plan your content...

As you can tell, we have found a solution to this problem - in fact, we developed the solution ourselves. 


The Qorus app helps us create insightful content that drives sales

The Qorus app is a sales enablement tool that is designed to empower teams to drive more sales. It helps sales teams quickly and intuitively find and use the most relevant, pre-approved content for use in business development emails, documents and presentations.  

And it's just as helpful for marketing teams because it tracks content usage. That's right, we can see exactly which content is accessed and used most often. We see what the sales team is searching for in the content library. All this helps us identify our most important content and reveal gaps or redundancies.

Now, we're able to follow a solid, data-driven approach to content creation - which is a big help when it comes to planning and budgeting. And of course, the sales team is able to access insightful content that really does drive the sales process.

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