We've just wrapped up our fourth annual proposal survey (we're finalizing the report and will be sharing it soon). One of our favorite findings is that young people (employees with 1 - 5 years experience) seem to be making up a bigger percentage of bid teams compared to what we've seen in previous years.

The generations driving change

This is great news for the industry, as millennials and Generation Z have a lot to offer (despite the negative perceptions some managers may have). They're more likely to advocate for diversity, fair pay and positive workplace cultures. They're also more likely to push for effective digital transformation (asking for tools like proposal technology).

In short, they know their value and they want to be treated fairly. 

The art of attraction

If you would like to attract younger employees to your bid team, it's a good idea to start by putting yourself in their shoes.

Would they feel welcome and valued by your team? Would the environment energize or depress them? Will they have access to cloud technology, remote working, and automated processes? Or will they be fighting your technology every step of the way?

What about career plans - can you help them visualize their future at your company? Can you offer training and development opportunities? 

Remember that young employees are looking for a chance to master their craft, prove themselves, and push boundaries. They're looking for managers who value autonomy and big thinking.

Don't let job descriptions let you down! Add some color and personality to your job descriptions, team LinkedIn profiles, and company social media if you can.  


The reality of retention

If you already have a couple of younger employees on board, you need to work hard to keep them engaged and counteract the job offers they no-doubt receive via LinkedIn regularly.

Regular feedback, effective performance reviews, and career planning advice can go a long way in retaining high performers.

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