What makes your brand and customer experience unique? At Qorus, we’re prepared to ‘go to war’ for the customer, a guiding principle we established years ago. To some it may seem excessive or possibly exaggerated, but it has made us a stronger competitor and solutions provider. It’s also enhanced our brand and customer experience.

Prioritizing brand and customer experience

How do we make sure our customers come first? Among some of the critical aspects of running an efficient business, we promote a customer-centric mindset. We do by focusing on three areas that we have found to help us drive and maintain customer centricity. As our CEO Ray Meiring says, “We hire for it, we market around it and we deliver it.” Here’s how we accomplish all three.

Investing in a customer experience team

Customer experience roles are sometimes hard to define, and finding the right kinds of people to fill these positions can be challenging. You’re looking for a combination of skills. For example, we found that strong or high technical aptitude and the ability to distill complex terms into easy-to-understand concepts are important traits.

We’ve also found that the best customer experience managers have had years of customer interactions, either face-to-face or over the phone. But beyond these and other critical skills, having people who genuinely care is what matters most.

Because customer experience is such a critical component of our success, we’ve incentivized our team to deliver great results. Our customer experience team is the frontline and connective tissue between our product and our customers. They help us address the most important customer and product challenges, as well as provide considerable context for each. Their input also assists us to keep the customer at the heart of each experience with our brand.

Marketing with purpose

We committed to inbound marketing in 2014, and since then we’ve focused on a persona-based approach, producing content by customer and industry use case.

Part of our commitment to building valuable content includes regular blog posts for personas and longform content (white papers, guides, eBooks, reports and case studies), which we produce on a quarterly basis.

These content pieces matter to our audience because they are well-thought-out and address challenges they face daily. 

Content marketing has been and will continue to remain one of the most rewarding and effective brand and customer experience building exercises for us. Our content has helped us generate leads, drive sales cycles and win awards.

If your organization hasn’t quite experienced the kind of traction you’re after, we have released a free guide titled: “The six-step marketing machine.” It’s a look at tasks you should consider to best promote your content and generate leads.

Building deep relationships

In 2017 we were honored with the Microsoft Customer Experience Partner of the Year Award. In many ways it highlighted the extent to which we’ve committed to delivering high quality brand and customer experiences. It’s easy to claim that your product is world-class, and that you offer the best support, but having the industry provide validation is significant.

What led to our customer experience success?

Early on, we realized that our continued success would rely on strong and deep customer relationships. So, we began to get as close to our customers as possible. For us, this meant being there every step of the way, which is where having a team of customer experience representatives who genuinely care is so important.

Our ability to develop meaningful connections has led to long-term relationships that go beyond customer numbers. One such connection is with one of our earliest customers, Long View Systems. We’ve made a significant impact on the way they do business by streamlining processes and helping them boost productivity.

They’ve also become advocates of our product and contribute on key marketing initiatives such as webinars and written content.




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Building effective brand and customer experiences is among the most important undertakings for organizations today and requires an ‘all-in’ approach. Your people and guiding principles need to be aligned to ensure that you deliver on each customer engagement and build the necessary momentum to realize company goals.