Professional Advantage (PA) is an Australian IT consulting firm with offices in the US and UK. The company uses proven technology to help their clients drive efficiency, find unique solutions to their problems and fuel growth. They recently held a 30-minute webinar geared towards helping businesses realize the potential to drive high levels of efficiency through document automation.

However, before PA became aware of the benefits of streamlining their document and proposal creation process, they were like most companies which realized they had a problem. As with all smart consulting firms, they decided to determine whether their clients struggled with the same issues.

So, PA connected with clients and the results confirmed that their problem wasn't unique to consulting firms. PA found that businesses in various industries, from non-profits to telcos were having a tough time too, and that 70% were dealing with the same document creation issues. Recurring problems that clients highlighted were:

  • The confusion around content location
  • That consistency of content formatting was a headache which often left companies open to legal and financial risk, as employees created their own documents using old information which was often inaccurate (think terms and conditions, SLAs and warranties)
  • Content duplication was time-consuming and hurting business productivity
  • The lack of insight into which content was actually helping win more business didn't help Marketing or Sales make better strategic decisions

With this information, PA decided to explore other commonalities shared by their clients.

More businesses use Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive

Another keen insight that PA uncovered was that more businesses have adopted Microsoft Office 365 and use file-sharing services such as SharePoint and OneDrive to store and manage their documents. 

Realizing this, PA began to search for a solution that would easily integrate into the Microsoft environment and allow businesses to take advantage of technology that they are used to.

The solution?

Qorus was an easy choice for PA, as the document automation software provider offered perfect integration for Office 365 users. Using the Qorus for Office 365 add-ins, busy firms in various industries have been able to leverage powerful document creation capabilities and drive efficiency. 

In this webinar you'll learn:
  • How to use Office 365 and Qorus to streamline your proposal and document creation process
  • How to solve challenges with document inconsistencies and areas which have the potential to damage your company's credibility can cost your company business
  • How you can produce RFP responses, search for content and perform document formatting much faster than before, and
  • How to find and reuse your best content from past proposals
This webinar is absolutely free and available to watch on Professional Advantage’s YouTube channel. If you missed it live, watch the recording here. Feel free to share it with other professionals who you feel could benefit from it.