According to SiriusDecisionssales teams use less than 65% of the content created by marketing.

Of course, not all content is designed to be used by sales teams, but the fact that over two thirds of the money your business invests in content creation is not being used to close deals, should be cause for concern.

We have written a few articles on this topic, and even invited industry leaders to discuss it on a webinar with us last year (read the webinar write-up here), so we know that this is a bigger problem than many teams realize. Take a look at the numbers below:

Cost of poor content management.jpg

We believe that if you use the right technology, you can fix the problem. It's a pretty simple equation actually: drive business development by:

a) helping marketing teams create better, more relevant content, and
b) helping sales teams find and use that content more easily. 

In other words:

Insightful content + a self-sufficient sales team = better business

Let's explore this a little:

Insightful content

It's so frustrating when you throw a lot of time and money at content development, only to hear that no-one knows it exists. Of course by the time you find out that it's of no use to the sales team, it's already too late. Now, all you can do is react. Wouldn't it be better if you could start out with a clear idea of the of content your sales team actually uses to close deals? 

Imagine if you could tell exactly when and how every piece of content is used?

You could see if the sales team attaches it to emails or includes it in pitches and proposals. You could even see which documents they open or search for.

This information would be the best starting point for your content creation planning. It would allow you to be pro-active, to prove that you are spending marketing budget on the right type of content, and give you a holistic, data-driven view of what the sales team needs.

Sound interesting?

Now, onto the second part of the equation...

+ self-sufficient sales teams

It's pretty well-known that sales teams never know where to find content. They often store things on their desktops, editing it themselves before sending it to prospects or they send repeated requests to the marketing team... poor content management drives everyone nuts!

Imagine if you could store all your sales content in the cloud and the sales team could go directly to it without leaving the email. document or presentation they're working on?

They could filter and search it before dragging and dropping the best stuff into Word or PowerPoint, or attaching it to an email in Outlook. They'd never have to try remember the link to your content library, or waste time trying to find the right folder.

The potential time savings are huge! And the content they send to prospects will be up to date and approved.

= better business

See how simple it is? If your marketing team is creating content that's relevant, and the sales team is self-sufficient, you'll do better business because you're:

  • Creating content with great ROI
  • Sending the right messages to prospects at the right time
  • Accelerating the sales process
  • Driving sales much more efficiently

We created the Qorus app to do all this! If you're an Office 365 user, you can try it for free here: 

About the Qorus app

Qorus empowers your teams to drive more sales by enabling them to discover, use and analyze the best content. 

Sales teams enjoy greater self-sufficiency and success when they can build personalized customer documents themselves. Marketing and partner teams gain superior insights into the value and usage of the content they create. With Qorus, all this happens in the familiar world of Microsoft Office. 

screen-office365.svgScreenshots of the Qorus add-ins for Word and Outlook.

As you can tell, we're pretty excited about the future of sales and marketing and how technology like this is helping organizations drive sales while increasing productivity!

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