Last week we hosted our fourth annual proposal survey results webinar (the report is being finalized and will be shared soon).

It's one of the highlights on our marketing calendar, and every year the number of webinar attendees stuns us.

This is the power of user-generated content!

The best way to offer authentic thought leadership 

At Qorus, we're passionate about creating content that is relevant, practical and true. But as a technology provider, we're very aware that we're really only exposed to one side of our clients' work lives - there's just so much that we don't know about.

We wrestled with the problem a few years ago, and realized that the best way our content marketing could add value, was by creating a space for our clients to learn from each other.

Surveys work well for us, but we also use other methods to share user generated content:

  • Webinars, guides and eBooks created with industry consultants
  • Guest blog posts from clients, consultants and partners
  • Case studies
  • Online reviews on G2Crowd and Capterra

We usually find that this type of user-generated content is more effective than our "every day" content. It takes a bit more planning and work, but the results are always worth it.

The added benefit is that we get to learn from our clients, too. We always leave with reams of blog and content ideas after talking to our clients.

The mechanics of user-generated content

If you have never created user-generated content before, don't worry - it's not that scary.

We hosted our first proposal survey in 2015. We promoted it via our social channels and emailed it to our subscriber database.

We used Survey Monkey to collect the data.

Once the survey deadline was reached, we closed it and shared the results with the wider team and some clients. This helped us interpret results, and identify interesting trends to shape the conversations we have with our panelists on the live webinar.

These conversations, along with the questions asked by attendees at the end of the webinar, are what shape the State of the Proposal Industry report we create every year - a high-value, long-lasting content asset that has become an important part of our brand.