There are many good causes out there. One such initiative is Harvest for Humanity. Their mission is to empower children to achieve their potential by ensuring they have a safe home, health, education, and life skills. 

Together with the IAMCP WIT, they have identified deserving women and men in Haiti to receive the first ever Women in Technology Educational Scholarships.

When we were introduced to the initiative, we quickly saw the potential to make a real difference.

Haiti’s struggle has been long, and it continues. The country is the poorest of all nations in the Western hemisphere, with just over 50% of the population living on a little over $2 a day.

Their political system is unstable, and challenges including food shortages, unemployment, and a lack of basic infrastructure are compounded by the occurrence of natural disasters.

Within the last 20 years, Haiti has seen 10 hurricanes, and in 2016 Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 storm, took 600 lives and caused an estimated $1.9 billion worth of damage.

Thousands were displaced, and it’s believed that this was the strongest storm to hit the island-based country since 1964.

Education is out of reach

Few make it to school, and even fewer finish. Statistics show that the average Haitian, aged 25 or older, has less than five years of education. The cause: school fees are high, making it challenging, and in many cases impossible for low-income households to afford an education for their children.

A special story caught our attention: that of Dallas and Dally, a sister and brother who’ve recently come under hard times. Their father is unable to work due to poor health, and without his income, Dallas cannot continue her university education, and Dally is not able to start his.

Dallas was a second-year medical student at Quisqueya University, and before that she was an excellent student at the College of Baptist of Fermathe.

For Dallas, becoming a doctor is a very real dream, and despite her situation, she is positive about completing her studies to one day be able to give back to the people of her country.

In her words, “My dream is to become a good doctor so that I can help the people in my country and people in the world. I would like to make the world better than today.”

Dally has many friends. He’s also developed an interest in music and loves to practice on his guitar and sing with his sister. And like Dallas, he too aspires to one day become a doctor. “In the future, I want to help my country and the entire world by helping to build more hospitals, schools, and charity centers,” explains Dally.

A chance to extend a hand

When we heard about Dallas and Dally, we realized we could help make a difference. We believe that access to education and technology can change the lives of the people of Haiti for the better.

With the help of Harvest for Humanity and IAMCP WIT, we were able to ‘adopt’ Dallas and Dally by sponsoring them – giving them a fighting chance at a brighter future.

Helping this brother and sister duo is part of a larger project with three goals:

  1. Provide tuition grants for low-income, high-potential students to attend university.
  2. Educate and inspire Haitians to train for digital careers so that they can have access to global online work opportunities.
  3. Build a computer lab and staff it with a teacher and online training and curriculums to provide free access for Haitians who want to learn and access the new digital economy. 

Join Qorus in making a difference and be part of Dallas and Dally’s story.

If you would like to contribute, visit the Go Fund Me page dedicated to Dallas and Dally here.