Microsoft discovered that its partner sellers were spending an average of three to eight hours per week looking for content, and two to three days creating a single pitch or proposal.

Industry research found that 65% of sales reps can’t find content to send to prospects, and 90% of salespeople avoid using content because it’s outdated and not customizable.

Microsoft’s investment in its partners

As we recently shared, Microsoft changed its model two years ago and promised to build with, go to market with, and sell with its partners.

With that, the organization is planning to invest more than ever in its partners. And, it's doing so through Go-To-Market Services – a program that delivers best-in-class marketing content and programs that help partners accelerate time to market, generate demand, and expand their business.

Accelerating channel sales with Qorus Content Hub for the Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft has licensed Qorus Content Hub as a sales enablement benefit that is available to all Microsoft partners through the organization's Go-To-Market Services offering. It comes fully stocked with Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) content that partner sales teams can use to run campaigns and build sales pitches.

"Many businesses are operating in a state of content chaos," explains Cydney Hoffnagle, Digital Marketing Lead at Microsoft. "Microsoft has created an entire library of content for our partners to use, and we wanted to help them find and use that content quickly and effectively across digital channels."

Qorus Content Hub is currently being rolled out to partners in the U.S., UK, western Europe, and APAC region, with global expansion planned for the near term.

Using Qorus Content Hub, Microsoft has enabled its partners to:

  • Instantly access MPN website content via their Office applications
  • Efficiently find and create market-ready customer content
  • Close more deals, more easily

"Qorus Content Hub enables our partners to easily find content and put it to work by creating customer proposals and presentations more easily, quickly, and effectively," explains Hoffnagle. "They can securely share this content with their customers, tracking engagement to inform follow-up conversations and accelerate the sales process even further."

Not sure if you qualify for Qorus Content Hub for the MPN? Answer three quick questions to find out:

What results have Microsoft partners seen?

Qorus Content Hub is helping Microsoft accelerate channel sales and add value to its partners. Partners using the platform have reported:

  • 50% less time searching for content
  • 5x faster creation of pitches and proposals
  • $20k annual productivity savings per user

62% of partner users saw a noticeable increase in sales productivity, resulting in a 20% increase in sales velocity. Additionally, 85% of partners have increased their use of Microsoft partner content.

"Microsoft values its partners very highly, so we're pleased to be able to help them find the right content for every sales situation and put it to work in marketing campaigns, sales pitches, and other revenue-generating initiatives," says Gavriella Schuster, Corporate VP, One Commercial Partner Organization at Microsoft.

"Qorus Content Hub also enables us to track content usage trends, which means that we can make sure we are creating the right type of content for our channel and better serving our partners."

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