Being an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) has made us uniquely sensitive to the challenges that MSPs experience daily. Often, meetings with clients about their unique business problems lead to a great deal of research for solutions to help them achieve more efficiency, increase productivity and, most importantly, get it all done within budget. And in a world full of many options, finding a long-term solution to your client’s unique problem can be tough.

As an ISV Qorus has its own network of resellers who are helping us bring the value of document automation to the world.  We're very proud of our resellers and their work.  Many of them specialize in various verticals, everything from professional services to finance, government, nonprofits and telecommunications, helping us grow our footprint and build better solutions every step of the way.

Why working with an ISV can create tremendous opportunity for MSPs

At Microsoft Inspire 2017, Satya Nadella had a very important message for Partners. In his keynote, he spoke about the 4.5 trillion dollar digital transformation opportunity.

At a glance, digital transformation is a very enticing prospect, but there's a challenge that most MSP still have to contend with, which is finding the right solutions to take to market. 

In this blog post, our goal is to help managed service providers by sharing three ideas we've seen benefit our resellers time and time again, and which we know will add value to your business.

1. You need to be a little proactive to find a solution

As an MSP, nobody knows your customer better than you do. You know the most about the technology they use in their businesses and what's working and what's not. And when it's not working, that's the opportunity to get your hands dirty to find a solution.

One such example comes from one of our own resellers, Professional Advantage, a management consultancy in Australia with offices in the US and the UK. When they discovered that creating and managing documents was a nightmare in their business, they decided to be proactive and find out if their clients had the same problem, which they did. So, Professional Advantage went out to find a solution that would work perfectly in their clients’ environment.

Because they had an intimate understanding (through surveys conducted) of their clients’ issues, and that roughly 70% of the businesses affected by the same list of efficiency problems were Microsoft users, working with Qorus was a no-brainer.

2. It's all about context and support

MSPs are uniquely positioned to act as technology partners for their clients, and in most cases the sale involves more than just a one-time set-up. It can include advanced technical support, additional consulting, and the opportunity to grow a stronger relationship. As an ISV, we understand the value behind supporting relationships and ensuring that our resellers are able to get the best out of every client interaction that involves our solutions.

For instance, SharePoint Revolution is a long-standing reseller of ours who's been doing amazing work in the North Carolina region. CEO, Larry Nordlinger introduced Qorus to North American Roofing to see if we could help them drive more efficiency in their day-to-day work. Having the opportunity to work with Larry, we were able to help NA Roofing to decrease the time it took to complete professionally designed inspection reports from two hours to 60 seconds.

3. We want to develop long-term relationships

One of the most attractive aspects of the ISP–MSP relationship is that it offers unprecedented opportunity for both parties, leading to potential business growth and product developments that might not have been considered without the existence of certain relationships.

Which is why we understand that to develop long-term relationships, we have to be able to create an environment which helps them thrive. We do this through support in the form of sales and marketing initiatives such as webinars and events to help resellers meet market needs and position themselves as technology partners with attractive solutions.


ISVs value MSPs and want to work with proactive partners to make a difference when in the lives and businesses of their clients. Finding the right ISP can sometimes be a challenge, but the value of partnering with an ISP who is invested in your success can lead to a long-term and very rewarding relationship for both parties.