In this month's second MSP Minute, we're looking at how a well-established MSP is using cloud productivity solutions like Qorus to differentiate.

Gryphon Consulting has been offering managed services and IT help desk support to clients in the Maryland area for almost 15 years. Over time, Gryphon has become a strategic partner to a range of organizations, including government contractors, as it helps them embrace cloud technology and reap the rewards of digital transformation.

Cloud as a differentiator

Gryphon was founded in the early 2000s by Frank Valdivieso, a leader who is passionate about guiding and guarding his clients as they embrace the security and productivity-enhancing benefits of cloud technology. 

"The cloud has enabled us to add real value to client engagements," explains Frank. "We use it to help clients reduce capex costs while increasing efficiency and security. And as a result, our own team is free to add greater strategic value because we don't need to provide as much support."

Embracing the cloud became a key differentiator for Gryphon, enabling it to pro-actively offer clients strategic, cloud-based solutions that boost productivity and accelerate the speed of operations.

Example: boosting RFP productivity

Frank and the team knew that the RFP process would be a great place to start showcasing the productivity-enhancing effects of cloud solutions. RFP teams spend hours responding to a never-ending stream of complex, lengthy, and often repetitive, RFPs.

When Frank came across Qorus in 2017 at a meeting of IAMCP Chapter Presidents, he knew he had the solution he needed to prove his point. Qorus plugs into Word, PowerPoint and Outlook and is designed to accelerate the creation of business-critical documents like pitches, proposals and RFPs. It connects content stored in One Drive for Business or SharePoint Online to the places people work - Outlook, Word and PowerPoint - enabling them to find, use and collaborate on content more productively.

"I hadn't seen anything like it on the market," he says. 

"We quickly adopted Qorus internally, and now we use it daily. We use it to automate the generation of everything from answers to FAQs, shipping labels, quotes and even sending generic information to candidates."

Of course, Gryphon also added Qorus to its product stack, and is using it to help government vendors, law firms and other organizations boost RFP productivity.

Taking advantage of the SaaS opportunity

As we learned from Stewart Townsend last week, this type of adoption of cloud technology is a brilliant way for MSPs to drive revenue.

In order to succeed, MSPs must drive ownership of the SaaS stack forward. Gryphon Consulting is a great example of an MSP becoming the adviser that builds a cloud stack to help clients reduce costs and increase productivity. 

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