If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the ever-evolving and alarming news surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, you are not alone.

We’re all struggling to make sense of the world and adapt to this ‘new normal’ as we try to find ways to work productively while looking after ourselves and our families.

We decided to use some of the time saved by not having to commute into the office to create and share helpful content with our community.

Please join us and share your own experiences and tips with the community – either by posting them to our social channels or by emailing them to us at marketing@qorusdocs.com.

Our first topic is one that many of you will relate to…

How to keep the kids out of trouble when isolating

The kids are out of school, the parents are working from home (or trying to!), and we’re all trying to stay calm and get along – but managing home schooling and keeping the kids busy while maintaining our own productivity is tricky!

We asked a couple of moms at Qorus to share their experience and any advice they might have.

Jennifer Tomlinson

My family has found that having structure is vital to everyone’s happiness! My husband and I drew a schedule to ensure that the kids have structure and spend enough time on school work and exercise.

We even go as far as role playing! I am teacher and lunch lady while my husband is principle and coach :)

This works well for the kids as it sets expectations and helps them understand that there’s still ‘school time’ and ‘home time’.

Here’s a copy of our schedule – feel free to make it your own…


Homeschool schedule


Heather Thompson

Having a routine helps a lot. We encourage an exercise routine in the morning (a home workout and/or walk, cycle or run). There’s a lot of complaining initially but they all love it in the end, even the youngest!

In our family, everyone has to chip in and help out with the chores, and the kids have to sort out one thing in their bedrooms each day. This keeps things under control and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

We have restricted technology and games to certain times of day to make sure that the kids spend enough time learning. We even ordered an additional laptop so that the children have their own device to work on.

It’s difficult, but we are still trying to support local community initiatives run by our school, including making sandwiches for the less fortunate (wearing gloves and masks of course).

All of this has brought us closer together as a family and community and there’s a strong feeling that we’re all in this together.

Our top online learning resources for children isolating at home

There’s a wealth of online resources and videos to help children learn from home. Here are some our favorites. Many of them have made their material available for free during school closures.

We have ordered them by age:

PebbleGo – This is a helpful curricular content hub specifically designed for K-3 students.

BrainPOP Jnr – Engaging videos and educational content for K-3 students.

Outschool – A treasure trove of live online lessons for ages 3+.

BrainPOP – A hub of educational videos that allows you to turn any room into a school room.

Tynker – Coding made easy for kids. This one for children aged 5+.

Khan AcademyThe free world-class education platform for children aged 4+.

Creative Bug – This one is packed with arts and crafts projects for kids aged 5+.


Educational YouTube channels

There are some amazing YouTube channels out there! Here are a few that our kids love:

Crash Course Kids – All about science and engineering

Science Channel – Space, science and technology

Geek Gurl Diaries – Coding, programming and electronics

The Brain Scoop – Explore the work of natural history museums

Geography Focus – Geography, culture and language

SciShow Kids – Science and nature

Free School – Art, classical music, literature and science

Kids Learning Tube – Learning through music and animation


We also love

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