Artificial intelligence, data aggregation, and deep insight into exactly which content will close each deal – these are just some of the impressive capabilities that we’re continuing to develop in our powerful sales enablement platform.

And, Microsoft partners will be among the first to benefit.

Available at no cost to Microsoft partners, Qorus already comes fully-stocked with all the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) content needed to grow a business. However, the benefits won’t end here.

What can Microsoft partners expect?

Qorus connects people, content and data – and Microsoft partners can look forward to an intelligent sales enablement platform that knows how to close each deal. 

To enhance Microsoft partners’ best content, we are building deeper intelligence into our platform on several levels. 

Essentially, we have big things in store to help partner communities accelerate sales.

AI-powered sales at its best

Qorus will automatically consider information and instantly recommend the most relevant content to send to a particular prospect.

Deep integration with your company’s Office applications and marketing automation systems will enable Qorus to pick up signals and keywords in all types of sales content, including emails, proposals and RFP documents, and pitch decks.

It will then automatically search for and recommend the content that is most likely to close the deal. We’re taking it to the next level by aggregating data to learn how teams close deals.

There are thousands of Microsoft partner users who currently use Qorus to search for and personalize MPN content every day. Qorus will aggregate data across the community, and will know which content is being used for particular deal types, as well as exactly which content wins deals.

An example – intelligence beyond CRM

If you are a sales rep working on a SQL Server deal, Qorus will soon be able to recommend content that it knows will help you close the deal. It will then tailor that content to suit the CRM opportunity, and enable you to quickly personalize it using Smart Fields and Rules.

This is a great example of the power of AI and data to transform the way businesses operate and grow.

Sales enablement of the future

We are constantly working at the cutting edge of sales enablement. And we look forward to sharing the results with the Microsoft partner community.


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