Welcome to our latest blog series for the Microsoft and Qorus community. In this series, we aim to introduce you to some of the wonderful people we work with. 

If you're a Microsoft or Qorus user, then they're part of your community too, and we trust that you will find value in learning more about the great people who make this community tick.

Michelle Texiera

First up is Michelle Teixeira, Territory Channel Manager, SMB Modern Workplace at Microsoft. 

We love working with Michelle because it's easy to see how passionate she is when it comes to partner enablement and helping Microsoft partners achieve success and grow their businesses.

The first thing we asked Michelle was to give us a short summary of her role at Microsoft. "My day job entails constant communication with my indirect and direct providers, as I help manage and assist their training enablement and go-to-market (GTM) plans from a sales and marketing perspective. Typically I start my day with account planning and providing assistance, measurement and management of GTM campaigns. Each day I also put time aside to develop future tactical plans that could assist in sales traction based on data analysis. My goal is to keep my indirect and direct providers top of mind, delivering exceptional service on all sides from query resolution and GTM product plans, to marketing collateral and end-customer support."

Driven by customer and partner centricity

When asked why she does what she does, Michelle says that she has always been a partner- and customer-centric individual: "I have the core values of service and delivery entrenched in my value system, so partners and customers are naturally my key focus. Throughout my career I have learned that there are plenty of small partner-enablement activities that can really accelerate and propel any business offering. For example, something as small as a GTM flyer can enable a partner to reach multiple customers and can ultimately lead to sales.

"But no matter how small the task, I have learned to always be prepared to commit to assisting your partners and customers. After all, Microsoft's partners and customers are the drivers of our success, we can’t deliver success on our own.

"If you enable your partners and customers, you begin to become part of their team and DNA - helping to create a platform for them to mature and grow their business. It's amazing how many partners just need that little bit of support and enablement to help them maintain focus and momentum."

What are you working on at the moment?

One of the initiatives that Michelle is helping partners use is the Qorus Content Hub - a sales enablement benefit from Microsoft Go to Market (GTM) Services, which is an eligible expense for GTM services.

Qorus Content Hub allows distributors to accelerate channel sales by bringing partners into their community and enabling them to close more deals. It achieves this by connecting partners to winning sales and marketing content from the Microsoft Partner Network.

"There is great excitement around Qorus. The value is phenomenal," explains Michelle. "I am a true believer - throughout my marketing and sales career it has been clear that a solution like this is necessary to accelerate GTM campaigns and sales enablement."

How do you maintain your energy and passion?

A final question to Michelle to close off the interview: how do you maintain such high energy levels?

She attributes her energy and passion to five things:

  1. The amazing relationships I have developed with my partners
  2. The team work we accomplish together
  3. The ability to provide impact and assistance
  4. The recognition from my partners that I am of value to their business
  5. The ability to assist in growth and enablement

We're thankful to Michelle for sharing her inspiration and vision with us!