Welcome to the second interview in our blog series for the Microsoft and Qorus community. In this series, we aim to introduce you to some of the wonderful people we work with.

If you're a Microsoft or Qorus user, then they're part of your community too, and we trust that you will find value in learning more about the great people who make this community tick.


Today we meet Shrija Srivastava, Partner Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

We love working with Shrija because of her dedication to "being the partner's best partner". Shrija's love of sales and marketing is evident, and she is a great strategic enabler to any Microsoft partner.

We started by asking Shrija to give us a taste of her role at Microsoft. "As a Partner Marketing Manager at Microsoft, I work with some of our top strategic SMB partners on Go-To-Market Strategy and Development. On a typical day you can find me at a partner site working on their marketing plans and helping them unlock GTM resources, such as Qorus!"

How did you get to Microsoft?

Microsoft employees are the cream of the crop, and they often have very interesting stories.

Here's how Shrija got here: "After completing a BBA at the University of Toronto, I started my journey in sales as I knew sales was an essential building block to my career. I learned so much in sales and developed core skills very early on in my career.

I later worked at a start-up, as a Marketing Specialist managing the marketing for the entire company. Then one day, I get a call about a job at Microsoft and I was asked if I’d like to come in for an interview. The rest was history – I still can’t believe I’m here, doing what I love."

Driven to be the best partner

When asked why she does what she does, Shrija says that she shares the mission of her entire team: "We go by one core saying in the partner organization here at Microsoft and that is to always be the Partner’s Best Partner. There's a sense of internal satisfaction you get when you work with partners to achieve joint goals and help them to succeed."

What are you working on at the moment?

One of the initiatives that Shrija is helping partners use is the Qorus Content Hub - a sales enablement benefit from Microsoft Go-To-Market (GTM) Services, which is an eligible expense for GTM services.

"There’s always lots on the go. With Qorus now being a part of Microsoft’s GTM services, I am working to ensure all partners can take advantage of these services."

Available at no cost to Microsoft partners, the Qorus Content Hub comes stocked with Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) content. Partners simply search for and insert the latest Microsoft partner content to create high quality marketing, sales and proposal content in a fraction of the time.

"Partners love working with Qorus. The tool is so easy to use, so user-intuitive, and is very useful. They are able to derive key insights as well which allows them to accelerate sales processes."

We're thankful to Shrija for sharing her dedication and passion with us.