Qorus – the sales enablement platform that connects people, content and data to get to market fast and win more deals – announced today that it now integrates with Microsoft Teams.

This integration is designed to facilitate Microsoft Office 365 collaboration for those responsible for revenue generation.

Ray Meiring, Qorus CEO, explains: “The explosive growth of collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams is evidence of a growing need for closer collaboration. We all know that sales is a collaborative process that requires input from multiple internal teams as well as external partner and even client teams – the closer the collaboration, the better your chances of winning more deals. Qorus Content Hub’s integration with Teams enables people to work together to locate, create, share, assign and track content directly from Teams.”

Qorus and Teams users are now able to: 

  • Access Teams files directly from within Qorus Content Hub
  • Use document assignments to collaborate with internal and partner teams
  • Create new smart documents and save them back to Teams
  • Track content usage
  • Share documents with clients and suppliers and see how they interact
  • Gain data-driven insight into what is most important to clients, and which content is most valuable
  • Collaborate more productively and win more business

 “Qorus Content Hub has made it easier than ever for customers to work with sales and marketing content, and its recent integration with Microsoft Teams now allows for even deeper collaboration, enabling groups to interact and share this content directly from Teams,” said Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft.


Qorus Content Hub is available as a no-cost benefit to Microsoft Partner Network members. To accelerate their time to market, partners can locate, insert and personalize content from the Microsoft Partner Network website content directly from their Office 365 applications.

Partners can provision the Qorus Content Hub here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/reach-customers/qorus-content-hub


Qorus is the sales enablement platform that connects people, content and data to get to market fast and win more deals.

Qorus is incredibly powerful but highly intuitive and very easy to use. It’s integrated across Microsoft 365 and major CRMs. An award-winning Success Team ensures clients across all industries reach their goals.

Qorus is a diverse, vibrant group with headquarters in Seattle and major offices in New York, London and Cape Town.

To view plans and pricing, visit https://pages.qorusdocs.com/pricing-and-planning 
To begin a free trial of Qorus Content Hub, visit http://bit.ly/2Va3c0s

Primary contact: Michelle Revsbech, Senior VP of Alliances for Qorus, at MRevsbech(at)qorusdocs.com for more information.