“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”. These wise words from business magnate Warren Buffet perfectly sum up how fragile a company’s reputation is and how much hard work goes into building one.

The best law firms know that this is the case, and work tirelessly to maintain a great reputation for their lawyers and their brand. 

Here are a few reasons why a law firm’s reputation is its greatest asset.

A great company reputation brings in the best lawyers.

A law firm is only as good as the lawyers who work there. They provide the service, keep clients happy, and are the face of the firm. It’s therefore crucial to have a company reputation that attracts the best legal talent. Top lawyers want to work for and represent a firm that will further their careers and develop their own professional reputation. 

The best law firms realize that a great company reputation attracts the right employees who will please clients, bring in more business, and actually grow the reputation that caught their attention in the first place. 

Prospective clients care about a law firm’s reputation.

Because the service provided by a law firm is so intangible, prospective clients usually only have your company reputation to go by. It serves as a proxy for them to judge the quality of how your law firm will actually fare once they’ve hired you. While the proof is in the proverbial pudding, your client knows that a solid company reputation means a good track record and a better chance at winning the case. When their own reputation is on the line, it only makes sense for them to go with the most reputable law firm available.

The type of client that a corporate law firm will have is another reason why a great company reputation is such an asset. Most large companies will actually have an in-house legal team that will advise and discern which legal firm should be hired. A firm’s reputation should therefore be comprehensive enough to impress those who understand the ins and outs of the legal sphere.

A company’s reputation needs to be maintained constantly.

Perhaps the most striking point in what Warren Buffet had to say about company reputation is the amount of time involved in building and maintaining it. This is because it is an ongoing process without a definitive end point. Every aspect of your firm’s business processes should exude the grace and professionalism expected of the elite. This means not only providing the best possible legal service to your clients, but also elevating every point of contact with your clients and the public to represent your company ideals.

Your proposals are often the first impression that a prospective client will have of you, so it’s vital that each one is created with the highest quality and detail. This is why the best legal firms use proposal software to create high quality proposals that are indicative of a great reputation.

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