BIG NEWS! Qorus is the 2017 Microsoft Customer Experience Partner of the Year. This is a new addition to the award categories, which means that we’re the first to win it.

The award recognizes a partner who demonstrates an exceptional ability to manage customer demand and exceed expectations. For us, this means:

  • Persona-based marketing – we adopted an inbound approach to marketing back in 2014. This helps us create content for, and connect with, our target audience.
  • A user-friendly product – our document creation solutions plug into Office and Office 365, making them very easy to use
  • A brilliant onboarding process – our customer success team is one of the best in world, and our Get Up and Go Program is loved by clients around the world
  • Dedicated account management – our account managers ensuring that their clients are getting the attention they need (especially when there are integrations) and sharing feature requests
  • A world-class support team – our customers always rate our support team very highly!

As you can see, our entire business is committed to creating an exceptional experience for our customers. And it works - our customer retention rate is 95%. I am so proud of everyone at Qorus who has gone above and beyond the ‘day job’ to create software that is shaping the future of work.

Does your business use Office 365?

Consider giving the Qorus app a try. It plugs into Word, Outlook and PowerPoint and enables users to search for, preview, and then drag & drop content into documents, emails and presentations. It's a fantastic tool for bridging the content gap between sales and marketing. 

Download it here: 

Learn more about how Qorus can help sales and marketing teams bridge the content gap

Our latest report explores the content chaos faced by sales and marketing teams, and offers a simple solution.

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