Fast & Easy Document Generation
for SharePoint Users

SharePoint Document Automation

Qorus DocGeneration is Qorus Software’s flagship product, first launched in 2008. Since then, Qorus DocGeneration has been at the core of major telecommunications, financial services, insurance and IT companies’ document automation processes in the US, UK, Europe and South Africa.

Qorus DocGeneration has been developed to seamlessly add document automation functionality to Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Microsoft SharePoint

Dynamically customise and generate business documents and presentations from within SharePoint, leveraging SharePoint’s workflow features, content management features and content lists. Qorus DocGeneration document automation functionality is built-in to SharePoint, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to create a seamless end-user experience.

Qorus Word templates

Microsoft Word: template authors can easily create intelligent Word templates in the familiar Microsoft Word environment using drag-and-drop / point-and-click authoring features. Qorus authored Microsoft Word templates dynamically merge with live data and content stored in SharePoint, CRM and other enterprise systems to automatically customise documents based on pre-determined business rules.

Qorus PowerPoint templates

Microsoft PowerPoint: Qorus DocGeneration’s PowerPoint Plug-in adds intelligent template authoring features to the familiar Microsoft PowerPoint environment to enable users to rapidly customise and generate PowerPoint slides, such as sales presentations, financial report presentations, and portfolio presentations.


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