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Qorus Document Generation

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Qorus DocGeneration

The simple way to create accurate, dynamic documents

The need for a greater number of personalized, complex and regulated documents has escalated dramatically over the last decade. Increasing regulation only adds to the burden, leaving businesses with an ever-growing obligation to generate more documents and reports.

As a result, content management systems have seen explosive growth - with SharePoint dominating as the defacto platform on which to store, manage and collaborate on just about all documents.

Qorus DocGeneration is the only document automation product on the market that actually embeds itself into SharePoint as a feature.

It takes the power of SharePoint even further, adding a user-friendly API and automating the assembly of business documents such as contracts, letters, HR documents, and board and financial reports.

DocGeneration is available on-premise or in the cloud as Qorus DocGeneration for Office 365.

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How Qorus DocGeneration can improve productivity and quality across your organization

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Generate just about any document or presentation, quickly

Qorus DocGeneration automatically customizes and generates documents in seconds by merging document templates with approved data stored in SharePoint, CRM and other enterprise systems.

  • Easily create templates in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, creating data tags and content placeholders
  • Drag and drop data tags into your templates and automatically merge or import images, text, tables and entire documents
  • No coding required for templates
  • Centrally store and manage your intelligent document templates in SharePoint.

Time previously spent searching for content, copying and pasting it and fixing formatting issues can now be spent adding greater value to the business.

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Reduce the cost of creating documents and reports

The time it takes to find the correct Word or PowerPoint template, search for and add relevant content, and get the final document approved, can be immense. And it's usually time that could be better spent on more productive activities.

Qorus DocGeneration allows users to create documents and reports at the click of a button, pulling data from line-of-business applications.

  • Create business rules to show, hide or highlight specific areas of your document
  • Repeat sections based on data in a table
  • Render charts and graphs with up-to-date data
  • Pull the latest versions of content from SharePoint and CRM.

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Ensure compliance and accuracy in all documents

Transparency and accountability are critical today. Unfortunately, maintaining a meaningful level of control over your organization's collateral can become a nightmare, with sales teams storing outdated content locally rather than searching for the latest versions.  

Qorus DocGeneration ensures accuracy of information, with no need to rely on copying and pasting or re-keying information. 

Using centrally-managed templates and content simplifies compliance management. The latest clauses, terms and letterheads are automatically included in all documents. And if this content changes, the existing document can simply be refreshed to reflect the updates - without ever having to leave the document.

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Document Generation Automate Strategy

Incorporate document generation in your business process automation strategy

Most business processes include the creation of at least one document. By automating this element of the process, developers will benefit from:

  • Native integration with popular workflow tools
  • A comprehensive API that developers can connect to their custom business applications
  • The ability to pass XML into the Qorus DocGeneration API and have a fully generated document returned within minutes
  • Integration with SharePoint, K2 and Nintex workflow products.

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Automation has an integral role to play in many business processes

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Document Automation

New Releases

See what's new in Qorus DocGeneration v5

The newest features of DocGeneration v5 enhance the overall experience of Qorus DocGeneration through improved user experience, value-added functionality, better control and greater integration capabilities.

To find out more about Qorus DocGeneration and our latest product updates download our product overview.

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