The best sales enablement software for Microsoft Partners

Create sales enablement materials that resonate, and customized tech proposals that win.

When companies are looking to implement a major technology shift, they are sending out RFIs, RFQs and RFPs that require a timely, customized response.

With Qorus, you’ll create customized sales and marketing content up to 5X faster1, with Microsoft partner-ready content and your own brand story.

95% of Qorus users say our proposal management software has helped increase their win rates.2

1Source: MDC Research Qorus Customer Insights 2019
2Source: MDC Research Qorus Customer Insights 2020

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  • Sherweb is a Qorus partner
  • CDW is a Qorus client
  • Ingram is a MSFT partner using Qorus
  • Long View uses Qorus
  • Insight uses Qorus
  • Techdata is a Qorus client

Built on Microsoft Azure, Qorus allows you to create secure proposals up to five times faster, all from within your familiar Microsoft Office environment, plus Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics365, and Salesforce

Built on azure

Create better sales pitches and sales enablement materials in less time.

A recent study showed that over 70% of businesses struggle with responding to RFPs/proposal requests in a timely manner.1

That same study showed that 91% of Qorus customers find that our software helped solve this problem.1

Let Qorus help with the mountain of effort required for pitches, presentations, RFIs, RFQs, RFPs and ultimately SOWs to win business.

Collaborate and create winning proposals with Qorus
Locate the best content for proposals

Locate the best content for pitches, with Microsoft partner-ready content pre-loaded into your system

Create proposals

Create sales materials and proposals with pre-approved, well thought out content

Collaborate with subject matter experts

Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure accuracy

Build a single source of truth

Build a single source of truth for your content

Track the effectiveness of your proposal

Track the effectiveness of your documents

Enable your team to work from anywhere

Enable your team to work from anywhere with a solution purpose-built for a remote workforce

Starting as a 3-person company in Cape Town, South Africa, Qorus is now a top-tier proposal management and sales enablement company with a global presence.

Among Qorus’ accolades is the coveted Microsoft Partner of the Year Award.

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Qorus MSFT Awards

Do you waste time finding the best Microsoft content for your sales materials?

Qorus ends the struggle!

Sales Enablement is the process of giving your organization the right content, tools, and information to close more deals.

Qorus’ intelligent search engine allows Microsoft partners to find just the right content in seconds. The Microsoft content is pre-loaded into your system, so it can be accessed from any app in the Office suite.

Combine Microsoft content and templates with your own branded content to create sales enablement materials that pop.

Plus, Microsoft partners get licenses for an unlimited number of users on their team!

100% of Qorus users say our tools helped grow their sales2

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gavriella schuster
“Microsoft values its partners very highly, so we’re pleased to be able to help them find the right content for every sales situation and put it to work in marketing campaigns, sales pitches, and other revenue-generating initiatives.”
Gavriella Schuster
Corporate VP, One Commercial Partner Organization at Microsoft

Create sales enablement materials that resonate, and customized tech proposals that win.