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To thrive in today’s tumultuous environment, healthcare insurance companies must find ways to deliver higher value at lower cost—and to achieve that, they need to first look inside their own organizations to root out wasteful processes and redundant efforts.


The findings of this report corroborate our understanding that, despite being a vital source of new business generation, Bid and Proposal professionals do not benefit from as much training, technological support, and career progression as their peers in Sales and Marketing.


This guide is designed to help you get started in embracing an agile approach that is iterative, incremental and, ultimately, transformational.


How law firms can compete with incumbents by creating better RFP responses, more efficiently.


Creating a solid and repeatable sales process is a crucial part of the Sales Director's role. Find out how pitch and proposal management software is helping business developers respond to more inquiries, faster and better - by extending the power of CRM.


Find out how a winning proposal process can save your business valuable resources and ensure that you generate winning proposals that stand out from the crowd.