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Simplify and personalize your proposal management process. QorusDocs empowers you to easily collaborate with your team and create smart, speedy proposals that win.

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Take the pain out of proposals

Creating a winning proposal doesn’t have to ruin nights and weekends. QorusDocs helps bid teams collaborate and be more productive with automated response suggestions. And with our best-in-class Microsoft Office integration, you can easily include content with the highest engagement rates directly into your proposals - on brand and on time!

Tired of spending countless hours on proposals?

QorusDocs simplifies and automates the proposal creation process so you can meet and beat your deadlines without the burnout.

Frustrated with outdated content that's always changing?

Quickly create professional, branded proposals using the most up-to-date assets from a single source of truth.

Not sure what content is going to make the best impression?

Our proposal tracking software monitors client engagement so you can see what content works best to build a winning proposal.

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James Bond has "Q". You've got QorusDocs

AI-powered intelligence offers insights never seen before. Our intuitive, easy-to-use software includes knowledge and built-in measurement tools to help you create customized proposals and view prospect engagement for smarter-follow-up.



Proposal automation that’s personalized

In just a few clicks, create on-brand professional-looking proposals by combining the most effective content from winning proposals with QorusDocs data-driven content recommendations. QorusDocs automated system gets smarter with each use, suggesting content that produces a higher win rate.

Take the guesswork out of what works

Get a hyper-detailed view of your proposal performance to gain a competitive advantage! Use QorusDocs dashboards to see how clients and prospects are engaging with your content including how long readers stay on each page, what they click on, and what they share. Use these valuable insights to tailor targeted follow-up communications and make your next proposal even better.

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Responding to and completing RFPs is a time-consuming process that requires a sizable number of resources.
However, with QorusDocs, we are able to both personalize and refine our proposal documents,
offering greater detail and information that is catered to each specific request we receive.

Dena M. Stukenberg

CP APMP Divisional Vice President,
Proposals & Enrollment HCSC

Speed and teamwork for the win!

People, process and technology coupled with content, insights and security is the winning ticket for winning deals.

Smart, speedy proposal production

You shouldn’t have to spend hours digging through your content library for every proposal. With QorusDocs, turnaround times get faster and faster with pre-approved, branded content and a powerful recommendations engine that suggests assets with the highest engagement rate.

Simple, secure proposal collaboration

Easily create proposals and collaborate with subject matter experts from anywhere. Our cloud-based software was purpose-built for geographically dispersed workforces, and uses Microsoft Azure to ensure the highest level of security and compliance for all of your proposal content.

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Turn responses into revenue

QorusDocs gives you everything you need to quickly create winning proposals.
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Long View Systems pivot to better proposal management

IT services company Long View adopted QorusDocs proposal management software and saw significant boosts to their proposal creation processes!

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Seamless and efficient migration with SharePoint

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Easy to search for and categorize all content
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Integrated reporting
Rich integrated reporting gave valuable insights on content use

QorusDocs works the
way you do

QorusDocs will simplify and accelerate your proposal creation process by working directly from within your familiar Microsoft Office applications or popular CRM system. Everything you need, right at your fingertips.

See how to create smart proposals in a snap

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to great proposals, but at a minimum, they should clearly demonstrate your understanding of your prospect’s needs, articulate how your company is able to address those requirements, highlight your company information and unique selling proposition, and feature information that sets the stage for further discussion and negotiation.

Use our comprehensive checklist to help craft a concise and effective sales proposal, from start to finish.
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