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Perfect pitches for law firms

Use QorusDocs' QPilot to draft compelling pitches in Microsoft 365 with direct access to Experience Management systems used in legal services. Create beautiful and accurate pitches, presentations and RFP responses that win business.

Spending hours on pitches and RFP responses
and losing control of your workload?

The manual processes of completing numerous pitches and RFP responses can add up and lead to easily avoidable errors.
QorusDocs' QPilot will reduce the mountain of effort it takes to complete these documents and ensure consistency for your process.
Dispersed, incomplete content
Losing credibility with your team due to pitch inconsistencies? QorusDocs QPilot can bring together the latest attorney bios, experience summaries, practice descriptions, industry expertise, capabilities and boilerplate firm information and quickly format into useful drafts.
Collaboration roadblocks
Need input from subject matter experts who are geographically dispersed? With QorusDocs, your firm can work together from anywhere, anytime to ensure accuracy and completeness on all documents.
Wasting manual hours
Are pitches and RFP responses piling up on your desk? QorusDocs' QPilot speeds up the creation process and saves you hours of time on every document, as well as boosts productivity across your firm.

Pitch responses and collaboration made easy

Spearhead a digital transformation at your firm. QorusDocs’ AI-powered system makes crafting pitches and
RFP responses a breeze, and our seamless integration with your favorite Microsoft 365 applications enables
quick collaboration across the firms.
Detailed, professional-looking pitches
Take control of your pitch process and create complex documents in minutes. QorusDocs' QPilot is built with commonly used skills and prompts for business development teams, which gives you an edge on the competition.
AI powered proposals personalized to your audience
Meet your clients’ unique needs head-on using your familiar Microsoft 365 suite, where you will find QorusDocs' QPilot embedded directly in the Microsoft apps you love, with access to your content libraries, bios, experience, past proposals and more. 
Collaborate with experts from anywhere
Our intuitive software that empowers secure collaboration for distributed workforces. Get feedback from subject matter experts across timezones and seamlessly manage deadlines on the schedule that works for the whole team.
AI-powered pitches and RFP responses
Our AI software finds your most engaging content across multiple content sources and seamlessly generates full, beautifully crafted documents complete with the latest attorney bios, practice descriptions, industry expertise, capabilities, and boilerplate information in formats that will set you apart.

"We’ve have calculated that we spend almost 30% less time creating and managing content. It also helped us increase pitch output by about 25%."

Jennifer Manton on QorusDocs
Jennifer Manton

Managing Director, Chief Marketing/Business Development OfficerKramer Levin

Securely share legal pitches and track client engagement

QorusDocs' QPilot has security and privacy controls to ensure the documents and data you share are protected.
Plus, you can track how clients or prospects engage with what you send.
Get a competitive edge with pitch insights
Gain insights into what content is winning deals for your firm, which pages clients are engaging with most and how your client is interacting with the document. Our intuitive interface enables your business development teams to easily access the client-specific content they need and create a customized proposal in minutes.
Feel confident sharing your pitches
Top-of-the-line security measures are of the upmost importance when sharing sensitive documents. QorusDocs is built on Microsoft Azure, which includes over 90 compliance certifications.
AI software that is secure

Secure more business today

QorusDocs gives you everything your team needs to quickly create winning proposals. Contact us today to learn more about how proposal automation can work in your organization.

Generative AI Benefits for Professional Services

Learn more about the future of professional services leveraging AI to work smarter and achieve better outcomes.
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QorusDocs Automation Transforms Legal Pitch Process

A large global Am Law 100 law firm implemented AI-powered QorusDocs proposal management software to automate, simplify, and accelerate its pitch and proposal process.
Increased Productivity
Automated pitch creation to save hours of wasted time searching for content
Single Source of Truth
The QorusDocs solution provides a centralized content hub that brings together the firm’s vast volume of data
Streamlined Proposal Process
QorusDocs eliminated collaboration roadblocks at the firm

See how QorusDocs helps Professional
Services organizations

Create beautiful data-driven proposals to differentiate your firm.

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QorusDocs is transforming the way Proposal & Bid teams, Business Development, and Sales & Marketing teams win business. Schedule a one-on-one demo to see firsthand how we’ll help you make smart proposals and winning RFP responses.