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QorusDocs: AI-powered pitches, proposals and RFP responses

QorusDocs and QPilot simplify the process of creating pitches, proposals, and RFP responses, adding efficiency and superior quality while removing monotonous tasks. With QorusDocs, you can allocate more time to cultivate client relationships and refine the strategic art of your presentations. 

"The best part of working at QorusDocs is the people. Our company culture attracts a diverse group of passionate individuals across the globe. This team, in combination with our brilliant partners and clients, makes our company so special and unique. I'm fortunate to have been able to call QorusDocs home for over nine years."

Michelle Revsbech
Michelle Revsbech

EVP Customers and Partners

Our Story

Starting as a three-person team based in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012, QorusDocs in a leader in AI-powered pitch, proposal and RFP response software company that is passionate about our customers and partners. 

Led by a team of knowledgeable innovators, we seek to solve the mountain of effort it takes to collaboratively create winning business critical documents. We are inspired by helping teams save time and money with efficient, automated, insightful software. 


Intuitive proposal management software purpose-built for you

QorusDocs' QPilot enables our customers to quickly create documents of all kinds with professional services specific AI skills, from pitches to proposals and RFP responses and more.

Our smart proposal management software puts the most engaging content at your team’s fingerstips, so you can spend less time on the tedious steps of document creation and more time investing in your clients along with creating a better work/life balance.

"In spite of all the changes the business world has experienced in recent years, one thing has remained constant for us, and that is: our clients are at the heart of everything we do. The recognition we received for our performance and support goes to show that our hard work and dedication are unwavering."

Ray Meiring@2x
Ray Meiring

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

What drives our team

QorusDocs is built on a proven set of core values that guide us every day as we strive to provide
software innovation and award-winning customer support:
Dedication to Customers
We are dedicated to making our customers succeed in conquering their business challenges.
Passion for Quality
Our focus is on putting top tier software into the market that positively impacts our customers’ business.
Curiosity + Learning
We are a team of creative, curious tenacious problem-solvers who are always looking to the future.
Stronger as a Team
We love working toward collective goals with our clients to achieve excellence.

We choose love over hate

Diversity and inclusion are core values of our business simply because it’s the right thing to do.


Leadership Team

Ray Meiring

Chief Executive Officer & co-founder

I lead QorusDocs award-winning team of professional problem solvers to create the absolute best customer experience possible. My background in software development and starting new business ventures gives me the ability to oversee projects at every level.
Stéphanie Laurent

Chief Technology Officer & co-founder

As CTO, I oversee rapidly evolving situations involving product functionality and development. I also provide technical understanding of QorusDocs’ innovative proposal management software.
Rob Gitell

EVP of Sales

As the EVP of Global Sales, I lead a team of impressive sales professionals.  We are the first step in the customer journey and it’s our job to lead interested companies through the evaluation process quickly and efficiently yet with a depth of analysis that results in a confident decision that they are going with the best solution and the best team in the industry.
Deepak Jhangiani

EVP of Professional Services

As the EVP of Professional Services, I lead a talented team of product specialists and consultants to deliver the best QorusDocs-based solutions for our customers. I’m passionate about working with customers to solve their business challenges by maximizing the value derived from their QorusDocs solution.
Pamela de Swardt

General Manager

I wear many hats at QorusDocs. As General Manager I oversee everyday operations at QorusDocs Cape Town office in South Africa, and as Senior Vice President of Finance for the group, I coordinate financial planning and implementation for the company’s strategic direction and operational management.
Michelle Revsbech

Executive Vice President Customers and Partners

As Executive VP of Customers and Partners, I am dedicated building partnerships with both our customers and our partners. My passion is bringing organizations together that ultimately create a “Better Together” story and will delight our customers.
Jennifer Tomlinson

Executive Vice President of Marketing

As Executive VP of Marketing, I work to identify market needs and help QorusDocs customers understand how to generate revenue more effectively and efficiently. I spearhead efforts to increase brand awareness and lead generation through a varied marketing mix including client engagement.
Wim Immelman

SVP of Product Engineering

I love to focus on details. I believe in designing solutions with the customer in mind first.

QorusDocs Board and Advisors

Ray Meiring

Chief Executive Officer & co-founder

Richard Flett

Independent consultant and venture capital investor.

Anthony Bontrager

Board member & Managing Director, WestRiver Group

Jon Roskill

Senior Advisor to global private equity firm EQT Partners and WestRiver Group.

Join our Team!

QorusDocs is looking for talented, innovative people to join our passionate proposal management software team.