Automate your proposals and RFP responses

Our smart, easy-to-use proposal management software automates document creation, enabling your team to quickly create and collaborate on detailed proposals and RFP responses, increasing productivity across your healthcare insurance organization and breaking down siloes.

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The biggest issues facing healthcare
insurance providers

QorusDocs addresses compliance and security head-on while eliminating document creation and collaboration
barriers and providing detailed customer engagement insights.
Solutions security
Constant security and compliance concerns?
Eliminate the risk of non-compliance and preserve client security. Our cloud-based software automatically updates your content library to ensure version control across documents.
Solutions piling up rfps
Are RFPs piling up on
your desk?
Accelerate your RFP process. Our AI-enabled software boosts productivity and empowers rapid responses to RFPs using the most up-to-date, engaging content.
solutions stats
Lacking meaningful engagement insights?
Monitor client responses to your documents in real time and use these analytics to offer the best value-based care to your clients.

Maintain compliance, simplify complex RFP responses

91% of users say QorusDocs helped them create proposals and respond to RFPs faster.

Healthcare professionals winning with QorusDocs


Built-in risk mitigation

Top-of-the-line security and compliance measures are of the upmost importance when creating, sharing, and collaborating on sensitive documents. QorusDocs features multiple internal security and privacy controls, and uses Microsoft Azure as its hosting provider to take advantage of over 90 compliance certifications.

A centralized hub with your most engaging content

Speed up document creation while ensuring version control and brand consistency on every proposal and RFP response. QorusDocs gives your sales team the latest pre-approved elements in one location, maintaining compliance while streamlining workflows.

Collaboration has never been this easy
Reduce the mountain of effort it takes to respond to a detailed RFP. With a single click, QorusDocs allows you to consult with experts across your organization and get instant feedback on documents without leaving your familiar applications.
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I have never worked with a vendor that was as responsive to our needs as QorusDocs. You are
unmatched in this area. I also love how easy the tool is to use.

bryan mcguire
Bryan Mcguire

Manager of Proposal Content,

Track customer engagement, tailor
your content library

QorusDocs allows you to monitor how customers respond to your proposals and RFP responses, and then
updates your content library to reflect that engagement.

In-depth customer insights

Constantly track customer satisfaction and tailor more relevant follow-up conversations to advance value-based care initiatives. Our built-in measurement tools show you how long a reader stays on each page of a document, what they click on, and what they share.

Intuitive proposal automation

Spearhead a digital transformation at your firm and make manual processes a thing of the past. Our AI-powered software gets smarter with each use, providing tailored content recommendations from your most engaging content.

Healthcare in-depth customer insights


See document automation in action

Schedule a personalized demo of QorusDocs today and help your healthcare insurance organization take the next
step to smart, speedy proposals and RFP responses.

QorusDocs works where you work

Our proposal management software was purpose-built for Microsoft 365 and popular CRM systems and offers the best in-app Office experience available.
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RFP Response kit

Download this free RFP response kit

Frustrated with going through the same manual, time-consuming process with every RFP? Use our free toolkit to create smarter, customized RFP responses that will help you save time, and win more business.