Save hours on every proposal and
boost your client revenue

Take control of your proposal processes so you can spend more time with your clients and increase the sales velocity of your specialized services with QorusDocs. Our proposal automation software enables your sales team to create customized proposals, RFP responses, pitches, contracts, and SOWs tailored to your specialized services 5X faster.

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Unable to maximize client revenue because you spend hours on proposals and RFP responses?

If your team is spending countless manual hours on creating proposals and RFP responses, they’re unable to focus
on their clients. QorusDocs ensures they have up-to-date, customizable content a click away, simplified collaboration,
and indispensable engagement insights for every document.
Spending hours searching content
Spending hours searching for the right proposal content?
Find what you need in seconds so you can focus on building client relationships. QorusDocs creates a single source of truth to easily access and quickly customize the latest pre-approved content.
Lacking effective collaboration tools
Lacking effective collaboration
A high-performing team needs high-performing software. QorusDocs integrates with your existing technology so your team can get expert feedback in real time.
Unable to gather insights
Unable to gather proposal and RFP insights?
Land new clients with our proposal tracking software. Get real-time analytics showing how prospects respond to your documents and then tailor smarter follow-up conversations that win business.

Automate proposal and RFP response creation,
easily collaborate with experts

You’ll see an immediate ROI with QorusDocs. Instead of wasting time on manual processes and losing control of projects,
QorusDocs automates your document creation, streamlines collaboration, and gets your team back with clients.

QorusDocs for Professional Services


AI-powered software automatically sources winning content

A misstep on a proposal or RFP response can cost you big. Our proposal automation software creates a single source of truth for your content to ensure brand and document consistency while showcasing the latest, most engaging content.

Quickly create tailored, polished proposals

Meet your clients’ unique needs head-on using your familiar Microsoft Office suite. Our intuitive interface enables your sales team to easily access the client-specific content they need and create a customized proposal in minutes.

Maximize efficiency with integrated collaboration features

Articulating the value of your custom services requires input from key stakeholders. Ensure your documents are accurate and complete by using QorusDocs to instantly get expert feedback from within your everyday applications.

User-friendly content management platform with a proactive support team…The functionality is what we need at a competitive price and the QorusDocs team are always helpful and willing to support with queries promptly.
Staffing Recruitment
Administrator in Staffing and Recruiting

Real-time proposal insights, proactive
data security

Our secure, cloud-based software points you toward a higher win rate with detailed
client engagement insights.

Client-focused analytics for smarter engagement

Don’t risk being left in the dark when it comes to client satisfaction. Boost your win rate with our built-in-measurement tools, which show you how long they stay on each page of a document, what they click on, and what they share in real time.

Secure sharing to boost team effectiveness

Our secure, cloud-based software ensures your team can optimize client relationships from anywhere. Feel confident sharing documents knowing QorusDocs proactively safeguards your valuable service data and client information.

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Don’t leave winning new clients to chance

Schedule a personalized demo of QorusDocs to see exactly how our software automates and
optimizes the process of selling your specialized services.

Longview System achieves great success with QorusDocs


The ‘obvious choice’ for proposal automation software

Long View Systems adopted QorusDocs and saw significant boosts to their proposal processes! 

Seamless Integration

Seamless and efficient migration

Easy to search
Easy search

Easy to search for and categorize all content using our AI-powered system

Integrated Reporting
Integrated reporting

Rich integrated reporting gave valuable insights on content use 

See how QorusDocs helps you create
proposals and RFPs 5x faster

Transform the way your proposal, sales, and marketing teams collaborate. QorusDocs helps you win
more deals and gives you detailed insight into your best performing content.

Download this free RFP response kit

Frustrated with going through the same manual, time-consuming process with every RFP? Use our free toolkit to create smarter, customized RFP responses that will help you save time, and win more business.

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Smart software to keep your team in front of clients

Take the next step to winning and retaining clients with QorusDocs. Schedule a one-on-one demo to see how our proposal automation software boosts your team’s efficiency and personalizes client interactions.