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Keep the projects coming with winning AI proposal management software

QorusDocs' QPilot helps your business development teams leap ahead of the competition, with customized proposals, pitches, presentations and RFP responses that demonstrate your value. Simplify your proposal process, increase your billable hours and invest more time with clients.
AI Proposals for Professional Services

Is your client service team wasting time and money manually creating proposals and responding to RFPs?

If your client service professionals are spending countless hours on manual document creation, odds are they can’t fully focus on their clients. QorusDocs' QPilot ensures everyone has a head start, with professional services prompts built in, everyone has customizable content at their fingertips, simpler collaboration and review processes and invaluable engagement insights from every document.
Spending hours creating draft documents?
QorusDocs' QPilot can help you summarize, translate, extract, evaluate and quickly change your drafts to achieve customized, professional documents in minutes.
A lack of seamless collaboration slowing you down?
A high-performing team needs high-performing software. QorusDocs integrates with your existing technology so portions of the whole proposal can be sent for review at any time and feedback is available in real time.
Not sure what content resonates and gets attention?
Get real-time analytics showing how prospects respond to your documents so you can tailor smarter follow-up conversations that win business.

AI powered proposal and RFP responses. Easily collaborate with experts and contributors

You’ll see an immediate ROI with QorusDocs proposal and RFP software. Instead of wasting time on manual processes and losing control of complex, multi-level projects, QorusDocs' QPilot serves as your personal assistant to draft and polish documents, streamline collaboration, and get your team back in front of clients.
QorusDocs is focused on AI solutions for proposal teams in Professional Services
Purpose-built with professional services skills that help you tailor your proposal writing to your audience while giving you the ability to easily present content in layouts with compelling visual elements – such as grids, bullet lists, contact cards and tombstones for biographies and credentials.
Quickly create tailored, polished proposals
Meet your clients’ unique needs head-on using your familiar Microsoft 365 suite, where you will find QorusDocs AI Assistant embedded in the Microsoft apps. Our intuitive interface enables your business development teams to easily access the client-specific content they need and create a customized proposal in minutes.
Work faster with fully integrated collaboration features
Articulating the value of your services requires input from key stakeholders and subject matter experts. Ensure your documents are accurate and complete by using QorusDocs to get instant feedback from within your organization and everyday applications.

"Best time saver for our very busy team. I love that QorusDocs built a beautiful template for our proposals and are ready to help with any questions! Our team is busy with not only securing new clients but also managing existing clients. We were using a word template with no control over the version. Now, the sales team can control the proposal process. QorusDocs also allowed our team to reduce the proposal creation time from 2 hours to 30 minutes."

Rita G.

Manager, Mid-Market Accounting Services

Real time proposal insights coupled with proactive data security

Our secure, AI driven proposal software moves you to a higher win rate with real-time proposal insights.

Enhanced User Experience

Know what clients really care about
Don’t risk being left in the dark when it comes to what your clients value, and what they don’t. Our built-in-measurement tools show you how long they stay on each page of a document, what they click on, and what they share in real time.
Secure sharing that boosts team effectiveness
Our secure, private AI Assistant, built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI, ensures your team can optimize people and processes from anywhere. Feel confident sharing documents knowing QorusDocs safeguards your valuable service data and client information.
Secure proposal sharing based on private data

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Professional Services Resources

Use our free Professional Services templates and guides to create customized proposals, pursuits, presentations and even placements for client engagements. We get you started with a Pocket Guide to Proposal Management for Professional Services, a Pursuits Process checklist, a Professional Services proposal template, as well as Bio and Exec Summary templates.
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QorusDocs Automation Transforms Legal Pitch Process

A large global Am Law 100 law firm implemented AI-powered QorusDocs proposal management software to automate, simplify, and accelerate its pitch and proposal process.
Increased Productivity
Automated pitch creation to save hours of wasted time searching for content
Single Source of Truth
The QorusDocs solution provides a centralized content hub that brings together the firm’s vast volume of data
Streamlined Proposal Process
QorusDocs eliminated collaboration roadblocks at the firm

See how QorusDocs helps Professional
Services organizations

Create beautiful data-driven proposals to differentiate your firm.

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