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This is where we share advice, opinions and invitations. We publish fresh content regularly, and are always looking for commentary from those in the industry, so if you work in sales, marketing, proposal management or managed services - and have something to say - let our marketing team know at marketing@qorusdocs.com

Any marketer worth their salt knows all about value propositions: those things that make your organization better than all of its competitors.

We recently caught up with Ray Meiring, CEO and Co-Founder of Qorus when he visited our Cape Town office.

Microsoft is investing more than ever in its partners and is helping them go to market with valuable content, so that partners can focus on growing revenue and finding new customers.

Microsoft discovered that its partner sellers were spending an average of three to eight hours per week looking for content, and two to three days creating a single pitch or proposal.

In spite of the playing field being competitive, some law firms have traditionally been relatively slow at adopting technologies that support their pitch generation, content management, and...

Artificial intelligence, data aggregation, and deep insight into exactly which content will close each deal – these are just some of the impressive capabilities that we’re continuing to develop in...