Give your channel partners a competitive edge with proposal management software

Empower your channel partners with cutting edge selling tools. QorusDocs enables channel partners to easily create business-critical documents in minutes so they can spend more time generating leads.

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Are your channel partner proposals missing business
value and impacting your bottom line?

91% of users say that QorusDocs helped them respond more quickly to proposals and RFPs.
That’s because our easy-to-use software streamlines your content library and gives your channel partners
automated, high-quality content answers to seize every sales opportunity.
Use the right tools
Are your channel partners equipped with the right tools to land buyers?
Channel partners need your market-ready content to close deals. Our AI-enabled system makes personalizing documents a breeze, giving teams winning, easily customizable content from a single source of truth.
Assemble documents to sell
Channel partners scrambling to assemble documents instead of selling?
The time consumed trying to locate the right content could be better spent expanding and landing sales. QorusDocs allows channel partners to create documents in hours instead of days and get back to pursuing leads.
Collaboration barriers
Collaboration barriers hindering channel growth?
Eliminate roadblocks and streamline collaboration. QorusDocs is built for distributed channel sales teams, enabling channel partners to instantly get the accurate and relevant proposal content they need from key stakeholders.

Unify your channel's revenue-generating activities
with AI-powered software

Make sure your channel teams are on the same page so sales can blossom! Our proposal automation
software provides a centralized content hub so channel partners can work with your team to quickly create accurate,
professional-looking documents using your most winning content.

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Tailored proposals that connect with buyers

Make it easy for channel partners to strengthen client relationships. QorusDocs software gets smarter with each use, providing channel partners with tailored recommendations for every business-critical document, all from a single source of truth.

Deal-closing content right at your fingertips

Cut content search times and increase efficiency to give your partners more time for lead generation. QorusDocs enables channel partners to easily access and directly insert your most up-to-date, engaging content into proposals and RFP responses.

Simple collaboration tools for partner teams

Quickly collaborate no matter where you’re working. QorusDocs makes it easy for channel partners to coordinate with key stakeholders and get instant feedback on proposals and RFP responses.

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“QorusDocs empowers Salesforce and the Channel…The ‘right’ content at the appropriate time in my sales process increased efficiency and optimization drove deal velocity.”

Shamiana S.

Director, Security Incubation Lead and Sr. Partner Advisor, Microsoft Corp

In-depth engagement insights,
secure collaboration globally

Boost productivity across your channel teams by giving them instant access to content with the highest
engagement rate. Plus, our secure, cloud-based software enables channel partners to easily
share documents from anywhere. 

Use insights to optimize content

See how your channel partners are using your content to close deals. Our built-in measurement tools track how long clients and prospects stay on each page of a proposal or RFP response, what they click on, and what they share.

Securely share documents anywhere

With QorusDocs, your channel partners will feel confident sharing proposals and RFP responses no matter where they’re working. Plus, our cloud-based software was purpose-built for geographically dispersed workforces, and uses Microsoft Azure and signNow to ensure the highest level of security and compliance for all of your proposal content.

Channel solution insights


Support your channel partners
and increase sales

Give your channel partner teams the tools they need to effectively sell your software.
Schedule a one-on-one demo today and see firsthand how QorusDocs simplifies and
accelerates the proposal and RFP process.

CDW is using QorusDocs for proposal management


Extending Productivity Benefits Across Bid, Sales and Service teams

CDW Corporation adopted QorusDocs and gained efficiencies in content search and storage.
Sales response
Content Hub

Standardized, up-to-date content across thousands of records and templates

Fast content search
Fast search and locate

Using add-ins for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, users can get their content in record time

Collaboration between customer facing teams

QorusDocs used across bid and sales teams across business, government, education and healthcare verticals

Purpose-built with Microsoft 365 in mind

Our software works where your channel partners work. QorusDocs seamlessly integrates with familiar Microsoft 365 applications and popular CRM systems and has the best in-app Office experience available.
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