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Automate proposals and RFPs, digitally transform your business

Simplify business-critical documents and accelerate procurement processes with the best proposal automation software for manufacturing enterprises. From engineering and construction crews to warehouse and transportation employees, QorusDocs keeps your global lines of business running one step ahead by reducing the steps required to quickly produce high-quality documents.

Are productivity barriers stopping you from getting ahead?

Take control of your proposals and RFPs, increase your team’s efficiency, and improve document quality. QorusDocs unifies your teams with a single content source, reducing the manual hours your team spends creating deal-critical content, minimizing errors, and maintaining consistency.
Roadblocks preventing team collaboration?
Streamline workflows across departmental siloes and enhance your team’s productivity. With QorusDocs your distributed workforce can easily collaborate anywhere while ensuring proposals are accurate and complete.
Content scattered across your organization?
Having content spread all over your organization wastes time and leads to confusion. QorusDocs speeds up proposals and RFP responses and ensures consistency by providing easy access to your latest content in a centralized hub.
In the dark about what’s working in proposals?
Do you know if your proposal win rate is on par with your competitors? Use QorusDocs to see how clients interact with all documents, then use those insights to enhance future communications.

"I like that I am able to quickly search for proposal content and copy over to my template without a ton of additional steps. I like that I am able to pull ideas from co-workers and make sure I have the latest/most accurate information set by proposal managers."

Courtney McCoy

Proposal Market Lead, Kiewit

Unify your proposal process and boost efficiency

You’ll see an immediate ROI with QorusDocs. 100% of our users stated our proposal management software is highly effective in increasing their speed to market. Bring your best minds and content together so your teams can create complex documents in minutes without strain.
Collaboration has never been so simple
Bring your departmental siloes together for quick and easy collaboration. QorusDocs enables globally dispersed workforces to coordinate from within their familiar applications and give instant input on documents.
The latest content right at your fingertips
Create beautifully designed documents in minutes while ensuring brand consistency. QorusDocs enables your teams to quickly access and customize the latest pre-approved content and then directly insert it into proposals and RFP responses.
Increase your win rate with a 360 view of document insights
Show your team the path to proposal and RFP success with detailed engagement analytics. Our built-in measurement tools track how long your prospects stay on each page, what they click on, and what they share. Use these insights to improve future documents and tailor follow-up communications.

Accelerated proposal creation for modern manufacturing enterprises

Take the next step to improving your organization’s proposal process and schedule a personalized demo of our innovative, easy-to-use software.

Automated proposal management, secure collaboration anywhere

Don’t let your teams get out of sync and risk falling behind competitors. Our automated system makes it easy to create accurate, professional-looking proposals and RFP responses.

Plus, our secure software enables your team to share their work from any location.

Transform your business with AI-powered proposals
Align your sales and marketing teams by giving them the right content for every document. Our automated system gets smarter with each use, providing tailored recommendations for proposals and RFP responses from your most engaging content.
Securely share documents from anywhere
Your teams can feel confident sharing and contributing to documents no matter where they’re working. Plus, QorusDocs is built on Microsoft Azure, providing you with the highest level of security.

QorusDocs works where you work

Deliver proposals and RFP responses using the software and applications you already use. QorusDocs was purpose-built for Microsoft 365 and popular CRM systems with the best in-Office experience available.
SOW Proposal Template

Get started with free Proposal and SoW templates

Get a step-by-step walkthrough on crafting beautiful, winning proposals and win more business. Impress your prospects and clients with standardized, streamlined templates that will set you apart from the competition.

Set your manufacturing organization up for success

Our proposal management software will have an immediate and lasting impact on how your teams create business-critical documents. Schedule a one-on-one demo today to see exactly how QorusDocs will boost productivity at your organization.