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Walk with us through QorusDoc’s most Frequently Asked Questions:
How long has your solution been available and how long have you been in business?

QorusDocs was founded in 2012. The QorusDocs product is a cumulation of nearly a decade of experience in developing, delivering, and implementing AI-powered proposal management and RFP response solutions. 

Who is currently using QorusDocs?

QorusDocs is trusted by well over 25,000 users globally from a variety of sectors, including Professional Services, Legal, Financial Services, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Healthcare. About 30% of our customer base is comprised of companies who have between 1000 and 5000 employees.  The solution is currently used by 21 of the Am Law 200 and Global 200. QorusDocs specializes in solutions for firms that offer services to their customers, like professional services, legal services, technical services and more. It is purpose-built with common skills and prompts that are focused on this audience.

Where is your software hosted?

The QorusDocs primary data center is hosted in the Microsoft Azure US South-Central region (Texas), with the Azure US North-Central region (Illinois) used for active geo-replication. 

What is proposal management software? And what is proposal management?

Proposal management software helps organizations streamline and automate the process of creating, managing, and tracking proposals, bids, pitches, and responses to RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs. It provides a centralized platform for teams to collaborate, share information, and ensure consistency in their proposals.

Proposal management is the system for collecting reusable content, locating, collaborating, and creating a finished proposal, presentation, pitch or bid to secure a sale. Typically, in larger organizations, a proposal manager is assigned to walk through this process from start to finish, from planning the proposal, to gathering contributions from key contacts, to creating a polished presentation, and then quality checking before submission. In smaller organizations, the sales teams are completing these tasks.

What is an RFP?

An RFP, or Request for Proposal, is a document that is sent to multiple vendors asking for proposals to be submitted for a specific project or service. Your response to the RFP is an opportunity to show the requesting company that you have the skills, knowledge, and ability to meet the needs of the project at the best price.  Usually, several companies will produce presentations for the contract in competition with each other, based on the details of the RFP.

Why should I use proposal management software?

Creating proposals and responding to RFPs is a time-consuming proposition.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  Using a proposal management tool can cut the time it takes to produce a presentation, proposal or response to an RFP from hours to minutes.  Many of the tasks required to produce beautifully crafted proposals, with pre-approved content, can be automated within a proposal management system, allowing your sales teams to get back to selling.

Does QorusDocs offer an AI proposal management service? How secure is it?

Yes, QorusDocs’ AI Assistant, QPilot, was released to market in June 2024. QPilot builds on QorusDocs AI strategy that began in 2020 with machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. QPilot is generative AI that can combine data points from your CRM records, internal document, competitive documents and privately and safely help you drive decisions and focus your teams efforts away from mundane tasks. This gives you more time to spend with your clients.

Our AI service is built with the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service, and your prompts and completions are exclusively for your organizations use, we keep your content private and secure.

Can QorusDocs generate RFP, RFI and RFQ responses? Is there a built-in project status?

Yes. Within QorusDocs, RFx responses can be managed as projects known as ‘Pursuits’. For each Pursuit, QorusDocs will surface collections of recommended content, the actual RFx response / proposal documents, the documents received from the prospective client, document collaboration assignments, and more.  QorusDocs tracks the status of each question and assignment in your responses, providing a quick view of your response progress. 

Can QorusDocs finish first drafts faster, retrieve the most relevant answers to RFPs, RFIs, security questionnaires and other responses from the content library?

Yes, with Qorus' Auto Answer, users will be able to select questions, click on the Answer button and then specify where QorusDocs should insert the answers it finds.  Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, QorusDocs will look for matching answers in your ‘Question and Answer’ (Q&A) content and populate the sections within a matter of seconds.  QorusDocs also offers an AI Assistant, QPilot, to help generate new content based on your validated, proprietary content.

How is content added to the library? How simple is the process?

You can add content with a simple file upload using your web browser, import an Excel spreadsheet, or use the OneDrive for Business sync client to sync files between your computer and your content library. 

Plus, you can have your user community contribute their knowledge with minimal effort while they're working in Microsoft Office, allowing you to build a winning content repository with the help of your best minds. SMEs can use the QorusDocs Add-ins to select, clip, and save useful content to shared content libraries where suggestions can be reviewed and approved by a content manager. Users can also suggest answers to new questions the QorusDocs Auto Answer AI has never encountered before in one click so that they can also be reviewed and added to your Q&A records in time for the next RFP.

Does QorusDocs support content in the primary formats of Word, Excel and PDF, so we can use it to reply to RFPs, questionnaires, proposal and create sales content?

Yes. QorusDocs supports working with all standard Microsoft Office file formats, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, as well as PDFs. This includes our AI Assistant, QPilot.

How many users can be collaborating on a report at once?

The maximum number of users able to co-author a document is 99.  The recommended number, however, is 10 people or less. With more than 10 co-authors in one document you may experience more conflicts, or go through more iterations to successfully upload  changes to the server.​

Do you offer training and support in your package price?

QorusDocs offers a Standard support plan at no additional cost, which allows users to contact our support team for questions or assistance via the Help Center. In the Help Center, users can also find community chats, how-to/getting started articles, product announcements, and training videos. There is also a Premium support plan available, and that does have an additional fee.  QorusDocs also includes product training as a part of the implementation program, via web meetings and our online learning platform, QorusDocs Academy.

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