Respond to RFPs with winning content insights

QorusDocs RFP response software features intuitive auto-answer technology so you can sort through content quickly and find winning answers in hours versus days.

Product RFP Automate

Gain valuable time back: Automate complex RFP responses

Frustrated with going through the same manual, time-consuming process with every RFP? QorusDocs is purpose-built to automate your complex RFP responses.

With our RFP response software, you can quickly find winning content and use data-driven insights to create a smart, customized response that sets you apart from the competition.

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It makes it easy to find and autofill an answer into an RFP response. I also like the reporting side, where you can see top users and most frequently used documents. The fill-in-the-blank < > portion (smart fields) saves a lot of time as well!

Chris Smith

Administrator in Hospital & Health Care, Enterprise

Easy-to-use, secure RFP response software

QorusDocs RFP response software puts your best content right at your fingertips, empowering your team to collaboratively create branded, content-rich responses for RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs without leaving your familiar Microsoft Office applications or popular CRM system.

QorusDocs allows you to create a single source of truth for your business-critical content, so you’ll know you’re always applying the most up-to-date and compliant information in your response to an RFP. Securely collaborate with subject matter experts, wherever they work.

Automate complex RFP responses

Tackle more RFPs and respond
ahead of schedule

Reduce the mountain of effort required to create a detailed RFP response so you can win more business! 
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RFP insights

Track RFP response engagement so you’re not left in the dark!

Discover what drives an effective RFP response with built-in measurement tools that track insights, such as: how long the reader stays on each page, what they click on, and what they share.

Use QorusDocs dashboards for detailed intelligence to focus your team on the critical insights that matter to your prospects.

Higher-performing RFP responses, powered by AI insights

QorusDocs' powerful AI-enabled auto-answer feature suggests the most accurate and engaging content, allowing you to easily fill each detailed section of your RFP response.

And, QorusDocs automated system gets smarter with each use, suggesting content with a higher win rate, so you can feel confident you’re creating an optimized response each and every time.

CDW is using QorusDocs for proposal management


Extending Productivity Benefits Across Bid, Sales and Service teams

CDW Corporation adopted QorusDocs and gained efficiencies in content search and storage.
Sales response
Content Hub

Standardized, up-to-date content across thousands of records and templates

Fast content search
Fast search and locate

Using add-ins for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, users can get their content in record time

Collaboration between customer facing teams

QorusDocs used across bid and sales teams across business, government, education and healthcare verticals

RFP Template

Download this free RFP
Response Kit

Frustrated with going through the same manual, time-consuming process with every RFP? Use our free toolkit to create smarter, customized RFP responses that will help you save time, and win more business.
RFQ Template

Guide to all things RFQ

This response kit gives you the essential tools you’ll need to create memorable and winning RFQ responses. Cut down the time you spend building RFQs with tips, templates, and a step-by-step guide so you can win more business.

Going beyond RFPs: Streamline and
automate document creation

Proposal Creation


Let QorusDocs simplify and automate the process of creating beautiful, branded proposals.
product presentations


Ensure your presentation is seamless from proposal to placemat.
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Statements of Work

Create a custom template for your Statements of Work and easily insert the latest content.

Ready to see detailed insights on your RFP responses?

Do you want to talk to a specialist to see exactly which sections of your RFP responses resonate with prospects? Contact us today so you can start creating tailored, winning RFP responses.