Is your sales team using your most up-to-date, branded content?

QorusDocs makes creating customized, professional-looking documents a breeze. Our proposal management software puts the latest pre-approved content at your organization’s fingertips while ensuring brand consistency and version control on all documents, so you can showcase your most relevant, ready-to-win work. 

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Do you have a content library with up-to-date,
approved branding?

Spending manual hours trying to track down the right content for documents can be a big drain on productivity.
Help your team with business-critical document creation and ensure they are
using the latest branding and most engaging elements.
Inconsistent Documents
Using documents with dated, inconsistent branding?
Simplify and accelerate your proposals and presentations. Our intuitive software ensures all users are always creating and collaborating on documents using the most relevant and up-to-date branding.
Scattered Content
Scattered content creating
Unify your sales team’s presentation and proposal processes and maintain version control. Our AI-powered software creates a single source of truth for your content, quickly finds what you need, and automatically inserts it into documents.
Can't tell which content is used most
Can't tell what content is used the most?
Give your team winning content to use in all documents. See exactly what clients respond to with our tracking feature, and use those insights to amplify your most engaging content and tailor more effective follow-up conversations.

Create docs with approved content,
get instant expert feedback

Your days of outdated document creation are over. QorusDocs automates proposal and presentation creation
while enabling easy collaboration to transform this process from end-to-end.

Marketing using QorusDocs


The latest content at your team's fingertips

Don’t let easily avoidable errors slip through the cracks. QorusDocs guarantees version control and brand consistency across all documents, providing a single source of truth with the latest pre-approved content.

Remote collaboration made easy

QorusDocs is purpose-built for geographically dispersed teams. Collaborate with experts globally from within your familiar Microsoft applications and popular CRM systems.

Professional selling documents in minutes

Automating the creation of presentations, statements of work, and proposals saves countless hours and boosts productivity. With our AI-powered system, get tailored content recommendations that can be instantly applied to every document.

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The template is really nice and offers quite a large set of options. Its beautiful and the coding is done quickly and seamlessly. Thank you!

Andrea C.

Enterprise-Level Integrated Marketing Communications Manager

Track client engagement and
securely share documents

Feel confident sharing your documents using our secure, cloud-based software. QorusDocs also lets
you monitor engagement to better enable future creation and client communications.

Getting winning content insights

Easily report on content insights and engagement with our intuitive tracking function. QorusDocs has built-in measurement tools that show you how long a reader stays on each page of a document, what they click on, and what they share. Enable your team to create smarter follow-up conversation with these analytics.

Secure sharing anytime, anywhere

Share your documents from anywhere and get instant feedback from your remote team. Plus, our cloud-based software was purpose-built for geographically dispersed workforces, and uses Microsoft Azure and signNow to ensure the highest level of security and compliance for all of your proposal content.

marketing insights


Maintain brand consistency and increase
proposal quality

Take the next step to automated document creation.
Schedule a personalized demo to see our intuitive proposal management software in action.

Microsoft saves with QorusDocs


Microsoft partners save $20K per QorusDocs user

Microsoft offered QorusDocs to its partners and saved them tens of thousands of dollars per user by slashing the time it took to find the right content for documents in half.

Savings per user
Save $20K per user

Organizations saved $20,000 per user thanks to a 50% cut in content search times

Sales increase
Sales increase

Sales velocity increased by 20% thanks to a boost in user productivity

QorusDocs works where you work

No more cycling between a variety of applications to find quality content for your documents. QorusDocs was designed with Microsoft 365 and popular CRMs in mind, and has the best in-Office app experience available.

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