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Simplify your SOW process and secure business faster

Quickly create and sign comprehensive Statements of Work (SOW) with QorusDocs' AI software. Personalize content directly into a document from your favorite applications.
Statements of Work with QorusDocs AI
Accelerated SoWs with QorusDocs QPilot

AI software for accelerated SOW creation

Generate an SOW in minutes that outlines your scope of work, project deliverables, timelines, and payment terms, using your most up-to-date content.

Create a custom template and let our AI-powered system sort through your branded, approved content at lightning speed to fill in the gaps, leaving you to personalize and get it out the door to clients in a snap.

Get instant expert feedback before submission

Define your responsibilities and work agreements between two parties clearly. Ensure your SOW is airtight before it heads to your clients.

QorusDocs' QPilot lets you collaborate simultaneously with your internal subject matter experts directly from within your familiar applications to ensure your documents are accurate and complete.


"Transforming the way we work. The QorusDocs' platform is easy to understand and an overall fantastic tool for our business. QorusDocs is flexible and caters to various needs across our business. It functions as a modern end-to-end tool that allows users a single place to monitor their projects."

Terry W.
Terry W.

Sales Operations Associate, Enterprise


Securely share and eSign from anywhere

Feel confident sharing your SOW no matter where you’re working.

Our secure software is perfect for geographically dispersed workforces, utilizing Microsoft Azure and signNow to ensure the highest level of security .

Track engagement with your SOW and create a more personalized follow-up and see how clients are engaging with your document once it’s in their hands.

Our built-in measurement tools show you how long they stay on each page, what they click on, and what they share. Use these insights to tailor smarter follow-up conversations.

Finish SOWs faster and focus on
your next deal

Take the next step to effortless SOW creation. Schedule a personalized demo and see firsthand how QorusDocs AI software can help your business save time and increase efficiency.
SOW Proposal Template

Get started with free Proposal and SoW templates

Statements of Work are the cornerstones of effective contracts, and key to winning business. Use our template to provide a step-by-step walkthrough to craft precise Statements of Work that outline project deliverables and responsibilities between clients and service providers.
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We helped Long View Systems boost their proposal processes!

Long View adopted QorusDocs proposal software and was able to significantly improve and boost their proposal automation process.
Seamless and efficient migration
Easy search
Easy to search for and categorize all content using our AI-powered system
Rich integrated reporting gave valuable insights on content use

Accelerated document creation
at every stage

RFP Responses
Let QorusDocs streamline the complex process of responding to an RFP.
Let QorusDocs simplify and automate the process of creating beautiful, branded proposals.
Ensure your presentation is seamless from proposal to placemat.

Build smart SOWs and close deals faster

Schedule a one-on-one demo of our software today and see how QorusDocs will save you hours of manual work on your SOWs.