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The work of a pursuit team is not complete after the proposal is submitted.  Often, there is a follow-up presentation, accompanied by a handout or placemat. QorusDocs helps your team develop final presentation documents, right alongside the proposal.

Product Presentations

Quickly assemble placemats and short handouts for client presentations

As the final step in a pursuit, client presentations often need a supporting document to drive home key differentiators, reiterate the value proposition, and even identify meeting attendees with photos and titles.

Using templates for a placemat, slides, or short handout document, pulling together relevant content from the pitch document is simple and straightforward.

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Access content in one place

Client presentations typically reiterate the most critical information from the pitch document, so accessing the proposal and pulling it into the presentation must be seamless. From the executive summary to team photos, all the information you need is in one place.

When cataloging completed documents, teams can access presentations by client name, win/loss status, dates, key words, and any other identifying criteria, right alongside the proposal document and any other materials used.

Access content
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User friendly and intuitive interface right out of the box. Plug-ins to Office programs easy and quick to install and start using. Saves time on proposal and presentation creation right away… Evaluate against other solutions and Qorus will shine as the best choice.

Jessica Smith

User in Staffing and Recruiting

Collaborate easily with your presentation team

Just as with the proposal document, your entire team can contribute, edit, and make notes in real time. Get your presentation document done faster while accommodating collaborators from all time zones. Team members can access the document at any time, even all at once. The document owner resolves conflicting comments and publishes the final version.

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Work in any Microsoft product

Presentation documents are often produced in PowerPoint, either in the form of a short deck (sometimes displayed on a screen or as a hardcopy), or a placemat. QorusDocs accommodates working in the most popular software for proposal creation.

Work in any Microsoft Product
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QorusDocs integrates with our CMS to quickly and easily put together standard pitch documents and customized proposals. The tool allows those involved in a project to collaborate seamlessly. It has saved us a lot of time and effort.

Madison Adams

Director Marketing and communications, Law Practice

Professional Services Resources

Use our free Professional Services templates and guides to create customized proposals, pursuits, presentations and even placements for client engagements. We get you started with a Pocket Guide to Proposal Management for Professional Services, a Pursuits Process checklist, a Professional Services proposal template, as well as Bio and Exec Summary templates.
Prof Services Resources

See what QorusDocs can do for your presentations and pitches

Develop presentation documents for client presentations with ease.

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Kramer Levin ramped up pitch efficiency with QorusDocs

QorusDocs changed the pitch and RFP game for Kramer Levin. Using our software, the firm was able to speed up the creation process and manage their growing content library with ease.

Seamless Migration
Accelerated and streamlined

Accelerated and streamlined the management of business development content

More efficient

Pitch creation is 'more efficient' using customizable templates

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Much easier

Responding to RFPs is 'much easier' with the Q&A feature

Going beyond Presentations: streamline and
automate document creation

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Automate and simplify the proposal creation process with Qorusdocs.
RFP Responses


Let QorusDocs streamline the complex process of responding to RFPs.
Statements of Work

Statements of Work

Create a custom template for your Statements of Work and easily insert the latest content. 
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Simple, straightforward, beautiful presentations

QorusDocs ensures your presentation is seamless from proposal to placemat.