Be short-listed, not short-sighted, with proposals that win!

Are key deals slipping away while your sales team tackles a daunting pile of proposals? In a recent survey of proposal management software users, 70% of respondents were able to process a higher volume of proposals - which means more chances to win business!

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So many opportunities and so much red tape.
Sound familiar?

You want to increase your win rate and beat the competition, but that’s a tall order when your team
is maxed out, stressed out, and you have to provide more documents to support
sales - another proposal, presentation or RFP response. QorusDocs not only empowers your sales
team to quickly and efficiently create visually powerful and content rich documents, but it tracks exactly how
clients and prospects engage with your proposals.

In the dark about proposal success?

See what clients are responding to in all documents and use those insights to enhance future communications. You can’t optimize your workflow if you don’t know what’s working!

Collaboration barriers blocking productivity?

Eliminate the roadblocks slowing your sales team down. QorusDocs streamlines collaboration for distributed workforces, enabling you to instantly get the accurate and relevant proposal content you need from key stakeholders.

Need to complete RFPs faster and get back with clients?

The time your team is spending on an RFP response could be better spent filling your sales pipeline. Our AI-powered system allows them to create a document in hours instead of days and get back with clients.



Win more deals with QorusDocs in your tech stack

With QorusDocs, produce professional, accurate and concise proposals, responses and pitch decks using content proven to
lead to better win rates, all while keeping documents highly personalized and responding to multiple
opportunities simultaneously without bringing your team to their knees.


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Don’t let bandwidth stop you
from winning business

Our proposal automation software boosts productivity across your organization by giving teams instant access to the latest content with the highest engagement rate, and enabling quick, easy collaboration. A recent survey showed that 50% of companies are reporting an increase in the number of requests received, year over year! Don’t leave money on the table because of bandwidth constraints.

Let QorusDocs help you win business


Let teamwork be your silver bullet

QorusDocs makes collaborating throughout your organization a breeze. Easily coordinate with subject matter experts in other departments and get instant input and feedback on your proposals.

Deal-closing content right at your fingertips

Make sure you’re creating documents using content that wins. QorusDocs enables your team to easily access and then directly apply the most up-to-date, engaging content to proposals and RFP responses.

See what clients really care about
Eliminate the guesswork with instant client engagement insights. Our built-in measurement tools track how long they stay on each page of a proposal , what they click on, and what they share, allowing your team to tailor smarter follow-up communications.
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"With QorusDocs, our sales team has a one-stop shop for all sales and go-to-market collateral, helping accelerate the deal cycle and boost win rates. Plus, our proposals and sales teams have been able to Increase productivity, eliminating the need to hire more resources."

Dave Frederickson

EVP Sales, Long View

Feel the need? The need for speed?

Our cloud-based proposal automation software empowers your team to create documents in minutes
using the most powerful content in your arsenal that can be shared from anywhere. Did you know that on
average, 76% of proposal management software users decreased the time spent on proposals and RFPs?

Turn days into hours, and hours into minutes

Every minute counts when your sales team is chasing new business. Our automated system gets smarter with each use, providing tailored recommendations from your most engaging content.

Never, ever cut corners on security

Feel confident sharing your documents no matter where you’re working. Plus, QorusDocs is built on Microsoft Azure, providing you with the highest level of security.

Never cut corners on security


Win more of the deals you've got,
faster than ever before

The results are in. In a recent survey of proposal management software users 72% of respondents
felt a positive impact on their deal velocity, with an average of 50% improvement.
Schedule a personalized demo and take the next step to smarter proposal management.

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Genetec capitalizes on global productivity improvements. Sees 'significant gains' with QorusDocs

Genetec saw immediate improvements to their proposal process after implementing QorusDocs.

With our proposal automation software:

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Generate documents

Sales teams generate documents ‘on the fly’ and respond faster to enquiries

Fast content search
Search Accuracy

Search accuracy ‘improved greatly’ using smart filters

icon_success 24-7
24/7 access

Globally dispersed teams have ‘24/7 access’ to the up-to-date content they need

We fit right in!

Our software was built with Microsoft 365 in mind. QorusDocs seamlessly integrates with your CRM and the sales enablement software and applications you use every day, and has the best in-app Office experience available.
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5 ways proposal software fuels sales

5 Ways proposal software fuels more sales

Low quality RFP responses and proposals can quickly torpedo your sales targets. Qorusdocs’ proposal management software changes all that.

  • Win more deals
  • Greatly improve deal velocity with automation
  • Simplify collaboration between contributors and stakeholders
  • Know what content clients care about
  • Reduce response stress across the board