Automate proposal creation and
spend more time selling

Are key deals slipping away while your sales team tackles a daunting pile of proposals? Our intuitive proposal automation software streamlines the process
of creating proposals and RFP responses, saving your sales team hours on every document and boosting productivity across your organization.  

QorusDocs is a trusted provider to:

Lacking the proposal insights you need
to get ahead of competitors?

You want to increase your win rate and beat the competition, but that’s hard if you can’t see which content is winning
with clients. QorusDocs not only empowers your sales team to quickly create beautiful, consistent documents,
it tracks exactly how clients and prospects engage with their work.
Proposal Success Rate
In the dark about proposal
See what clients are responding to in all documents and use those insights to enhance future communications. You can’t optimize your workflow if you don’t know what’s working!
Collaboration Barriers
Collaboration barriers blocking productivity?
Eliminate the roadblocks slowing your sales team down. QorusDocs streamlines collaboration for distributed workforces, enabling you to instantly get the accurate and relevant proposal content you need from key stakeholders.
Complete RFPs Faster
Need to complete RFPs faster and get back with clients?
The time your team is spending on an RFP response could be better spent filling your sales pipeline. Our AI-powered system allows them to create a document in hours instead of days and get back with clients.

100% of users say QorusDocs
helped grow their sales

Our proposal automation software will boost productivity across your organization
by giving teams instant access to your latest content with the highest engagement rate
and enabling quick collaboration.

Sales Manager collaborations


See what's resonating with clients

Eliminate the guesswork with instant client engagement insights. Our built-in measurement tools track how long they stay on each page of a proposal , what they click on, and what they share, allowing your team to tailor smarter follow-up communications.

Simple collaboration across departments

QorusDocs makes collaborating throughout your organization a breeze. Coordinate with subject matter experts in other departments and get instant feedback on your proposals.

Deal-closing content right at your fingertips

Make sure you’re creating documents using content that wins. QorusDocs enables your team to easily access and then directly apply the most up-to-date, engaging content to proposals and RFP responses.

We have been using this software for seven years and have been very impressed with it. Each version gets better and better and it is a must-have in our company.
Tracie Bretecher
Tracie Bretecher
Manager of Sales Operations, Long View Systems

AI-powered content recommendations,
secure collaboration across the globe

Our cloud-based proposal automation software empowers your team to create documents in minutes using
your most winning content and then easily share them from anywhere.

Save hours on every proposal and RFP response

Every minute counts when your sales team is pursuing new business. Our automated system gets smarter with each use, providing tailored recommendations from your most engaging content.

Securely share proposals

Feel confident sharing your documents no matter where you’re working. Plus, QorusDocs is built on Microsoft Azure, providing you with the highest level of security.

AI powered recommendations

Build your pipeline and boost
your sales velocity

QorusDocs users have reported a 20% increase in sales velocity, and you can, too. Schedule a personalized demo and take the next step to smarter proposal management.

Genetec success with QorusDocs


See 'significant gains' with QorusDocs

Genetec saw immediate improvements to their proposal process after implementing QorusDocs. With our proposal automation software:

Document Generation
Generate documents

Sales teams generate documents ‘on the fly’ and respond faster to enquiries

Easy to Search
Search Accuracy

Search accuracy ‘improved greatly’ using smart filters

24-7 access
24/7 access

Globally dispersed teams have ‘24/7 access’ to the up-to-date content they need

We work where you work

Our software was built with Microsoft 365 in mind. QorusDocs seamlessly integrates with the software and applications you use every day and has the best in-app Office experience available.

Create proposals in a snap and close more deals

Our proposal automation software will have an immediate and lasting impact on your sales team’s efficiency. Schedule a one-on-one demo today to see exactly how QorusDocs will improve your win rate.