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Lightning-fast proposal production with your most engaging content

AI-power from QorusDocs makes it easy to use your best, winning content across the organization.
Save hours with QorusDocs QPilot

QorusDocs' QPilot can save you hours on every proposal

Our AI proposal software is built with an industry-specific skill set allowing you to quickly find and draft winning content to create a smart, customized proposal that sets you apart from the competition.

Instantly insert content into your document and have a completed draft in minutes. Reduce time-consuming manual effort and start crafting winning proposals in a snap.

AI-power that simplifies proposal creation and team collaboration

Collaboratively create professional-looking proposals in content layouts that include compelling visual elements, such as grids, bulleted lists, contact cards and tombstones without leaving the Microsoft 365 applications or popular CRM system you use every day.

QorusDocs' AI Assistant, QPilot,  unites your team members and projects, researching content in minutes, slashing the manual hours you spend, while reducing errors and maintaining consistency. Easily collaborate with your SMEs to ensure accuracy and visibility no matter where you’re working.

effortless collaboration

"Once you start using QorusDocs, you’ll wonder how you managed your proposals without it. The visibility QorusDocs gives us is superb. I know which is the active document who has and hasn’t approved, when it is due, and what needs to be done in order to complete the delivery workflow. It also improves governance, as, at any point, I can look back and review approvers and final delivery files for any project."

Ryan Miller

Sales Enablement Specialist, Enterprise

Secure proposal sharing based on private data

Our AI software ensures secure proposal sharing for your private data

With QorusDocs software, your data is never shared publicly. Our AI service is built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI, which is a secure and private technology that doesn’t make your content available to other Microsoft or QorusDocs customers. And it doesn’t use your data for its own service or training its models.

Track proposal engagement and see what’s winning

It’s more difficult to craft winning proposals if you don’t’ know what wins in the first place.

Our built-in measurement tools track how long a reader stays on each page, what they click on, and what they share. These detailed insights are automatically stored, giving you easy access smart data for future proposals.

Get Insights with QorusDocs

Beat your proposal deadlines and secure more business

With QorusDocs' AI Assistant, QPilot, you’ll create higher-quality proposals faster. Schedule a personalized demo to see firsthand how our software will speed up your proposal process and help you win bigger, better business.
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We helped Long View Systems boost their proposal processes!

Long View adopted QorusDocs proposal software and was able to significantly improve and boost their proposal automation process.
Seamless and efficient migration
Easy search
Easy to search for and categorize all content using our AI-powered system
Rich integrated reporting gave valuable insights on content use

See how QorusDocs' AI-powered software helps you create proposals faster

Transform the way your proposal, business development and sales teams collaborate. QorusDocs helps you win more deals and gives you detailed insight into your best performing content.
Ultimate Proposal Guide

Proposal Template Hub

Impress your prospective clients with brilliant proposal templates, Statement of Work (SOW) templates, Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP), and Security Questionnaire documents.

Going beyond Proposals: streamline and
automate document creation


Let QorusDocs streamline the complex process of responding to an RFP.

Pitches and Presentations

Ensure your presentation is seamless from proposal to placemat.

Statements of Work
Create a custom template for your Statements of Work and easily insert the latest content.

Ready to see exactly how QorusDocs can help you?

QorusDocs is transforming the way Proposal & Bid teams, Business Development, and Sales & Marketing teams win business. Schedule a one-on-one demo to see firsthand how we’ll help you make smart proposals and winning RFP responses.