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Guide to Winning Proposal Methodologies

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Qorus Breeze Proposals

Create. Collaborate. Captivate.

B2B companies spend an average of 16% of their annual budget creating and distributing marketing content (Source: ITSMA). But 60 - 70% of that content goes unused by the sales team (Source: Sirius Decisions) - usually because they don't know that it exists or can't find it easily.

As a result, Marketing, Bid and Sales teams become frustrated and unproductive. And proposals, presentations and RFP responses are sloppy, inaccurate and unprofessional.

Proposal software is designed to solve many of these problems, but unfortunately many of the systems available today are technical and counter intuitive.

The easy way to create superb proposals

We created Qorus Breeze Proposals with marketing, sales and bid teams in mind. Our goal was to reduce training time, speed up implementation, and encourage user adoption. To achieve this, we built the software on familiar Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint. 

Microsoft Office add-ins, smart templates, automated allocation and approval workflows, a guided proposal wizard and Google-like search functionality mean that users can generate accurate, beautifully branded first drafts in minutes, and spend more time tailoring each pitch or proposal.

The State of Proposal Management 2015

This report highlights the findings of our 2015 survey into how sales, marketing, bid and proposal professionals feel about and manage the proposal process. Download a copy for interesting insights and practical tips that apply to everyone involved in the bid or proposal creation process.

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How Qorus Breeze Proposals can improve the way you do (and win) business

Companies using Qorus Breeze Proposals have calculated efficiency improvements of up to 18% from three months, and tender win rates improved by up to 25%.

Our proposal software is deployed in the cloud (Microsoft Azure, private or hybrid) or on-premise. Both options provide the same powerful features, with the cloud option providing a highly scalable and secure environment and allowing for optimal proposal management solutions. 


Better proposals, faster

Create basic proposals and presentations from pre-designed templates at the click of a button from the Qorus Breeze Proposals web interface or your CRM system.

Our guided wizard enables proposals, presentations and pitch books to be generated in minutes. Users are shown various relevant content sections that can be selected as required. Mandatory content can set to be automatically included.

Set business rules to show or hide content automatically, depending on pre-defined input parameters.

Construct collateral directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint by searching your content database for winning sales content and inserting part or all of it.

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Find and re-use winning proposal content

A solid proposal management solution with robust approval workflows ensures the accuracy and consistency of your proposals. 

The Knowledge Source content library stores approved, re-usable content that can be searched using customizable filters or Google-like search terms - reducing the hours spent searching for or re-creating content. Quick previews allow users to see the document before opening it.

Customizable workflows enable you to set review intervals and approval cycles to ensure that content remains accurate and up to date. Content usage reports will help you understand how your content is being used.

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Collaborate effectively with your team

Complex proposals and RFP responses require team work.

Emailing documents and versions back and forth is inefficient and frustrating, with most employees already emailing two or more documents a day to an average of five people for review (source: The Business Case for Enterprise Content Management).

With Qorus Breeze Proposals, everyone can work in the same document (thanks to Microsoft’s co-authoring capabilities) with edits being visible to the rest of the team as they're made. Bid managers can assign team members to contribute to or review tasks directly from the document they're working in. 

A central view of proposal generation tasks - including bid/no bid meetings, win theme sessions and scheduled review meetings - simplify management of the end-to-end proposal process.

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Create professional, compliant and accurate documents

How many hours does your team spend adjusting styles and updating documents to match brand guidelines? With Qorus Breeze Proposals, you can use the native styling capabilities of Microsoft Office, create intelligent master templates with predefined styling, and manage them all from one central place.

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New Releases

Qorus Breeze Proposals v2.3

The latest version of Qorus Breeze Proposals - version 2.3 is now available and includes exceptional enhancements to make the Breeze experience and your overall proposal process, fast and effortless.

We’ve focused on simplifying tasks and streamlining processes to continue making the use of our already intuitive interface even easier.

Some of the new features include:

  • Excel Allocations
  • Supporting Document extensions
  • Search enhancements
  • Collaborate with external team members
  • Private Allocations
  • Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS)

For more information on these product updates you can download the Qorus Breeze Proposals overview document here.

We also offer these helpful services

All Qorus clients get 24-hour support, Monday - Friday and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to get you up and running.


CRM Integration

Pull real-time information from your CRM to personalize proposals and other client collateral.


Content Migration

We can help you move all of your content to our system. We'll create custom solutions if needed.


Template Authoring

Create sleek, intelligent templates that’ll help users build great looking documents in a fraction of the time.

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