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QorusDocs makes selling your Managed IT Services a radically faster process. With our easy-to-use proposal automation software, you’ll skip hours of manual effort and quickly craft accurate, professional proposals, presentations, security questionnaires, SOWs, and RFP responses to increase your win rate.

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Problem-solving proposal
automation software

QorusDocs addresses the most critical issues you face. Bring your team together to create proposals
using the latest, most engaging content and then track how prospects respond.
Inaccurate Content
Inaccurate, dated content
Is business slipping through the cracks because of proposal or presentation quality? Our smart software puts the latest, pre-approved content at your team’s disposal.
Siloed Teams
Siloed teams, scattered apps
Are barriers blocking your productivity? QorusDocs unites your organization’s proposal processes by enabling secure collaboration from a single source of truth.
Lack of engagement insights
Lack of engagement insights
Are you losing deals while others get ahead? QorusDocs gives you in-depth analytics about the effectiveness of your proposals, presentations, and SOWs.

A unified approach to proposal creation

As your product offerings and services rapidly evolve to meet your customers’ expectations,
you need an automated solution
that can keep up. QorusDocs enables your
team to craft a detailed proposal in minutes.

Managed I.T Services


Winning content at your fingertips

Easily maintain version control and consistent branding while creating documents. QorusDocs enables your team to easily access and then directly apply the most up to date, pre-approved content, such as case studies and biographies, to proposals, presentations, SOWs, and RFP responses.

Easily collaborate with experts

QorusDocs intuitive interface makes collaborating with subject matter experts across sectors a breeze, allowing you to ensure the accuracy and quality of your documents.

Save hours on every proposal

Every minute counts when sales, bid, and channel teams are pursuing new business. Our AI-powered system gets smarter with each use, providing tailored recommendations using your most engaging content.

Excellent application for collaboration and metrics reporting.
Proposal Specialist
Senior Proposal Specialist

Track proposal insights, securely
collaborate across regions

You’ll no longer be left in the dark about your proposals. Our secure software makes sure you have
the information you need to win business.

See what drives success

Our built-in measurement tools provide real-time engagement from prospects. Track how long they stay on each page, what they click on, and what is shared, allowing for more tailored follow-up communications.

Securely share proposals

Feel confident sharing your proposals and presentations from anywhere and get instant feedback from experts. Plus, our cloud-based software was purpose-built for geographically dispersed workforces, and uses Microsoft Azure and signNow to ensure the highest level of security and compliance for all of your proposal content.

Managed it services insights

Don't let bandwidth keep you from
getting ahead

See how QorusDocs streamlines the proposal process, giving you more time to focus on strategic business initiatives. Contact us today to schedule a personalized demo and take the next step toward smart, speedy proposal creation.



We saved Hitachi $7 million in a year

Hitachi Vantara implemented QorusDocs for its teams globally and saved millions of dollars in their first year.

$2.5 million

$2.5 million in savings in the first 6 months using QorusDocs

max savings
$7 million

$7 million in savings after 12 months

QorusDocs works where you work

Our proposal automation software was built with Microsoft 365 in mind. QorusDocs seamlessly integrates with the software and applications you use every day and has the best in-app Office experience available.

Teams Guide

Download this Guide to Microsoft Teams for Content Libraries

Behind every successful RFP and Proposal strategy is an easily accessible, up-to-date content and pursuits library. Use this free guide to help you build and maintain a fully integrated library with Microsoft Teams.

Take control of your proposal process

Schedule a one-on-one demo of our award-winning proposal automation software today so you can see exactly how QorusDocs boosts your efficiency.