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Improving the return on your investment in document automation software

How can you help your firm compete for new opportunities as efficiently and effectively as possible; and make the compliance burden more manageable and affordable?

Level the playing field with smart RFP's
State of Sales & Marketing - content chaos?

The state of Sales and Marketing: content chaos?

How Marketing and Sales teams can create content effectively and efficiently. This eBook features commentary from Jen Sieger, Director of Worldwide Inside Sales at Microsoft, Dunya Riechelson, President at Allytics, and Natalie Steck, Senior VP of Global Sales at Qorus.

Level the playing field with smart RFP's

An agile approach to pitches and proposals

Companies around the world are seeking ways to cut costs and increase efficiency. Download our free guide on an agile approach to pitches and proposals

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Level the playing field with smart RFPs

How much chance do you really have when competing with incumbents? This eBook explores your chances and offers advice for using RFPs to differentiate your company amidst heavy competition.

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The hidden benefits of a better bidding process

To thrive in today’s tumultuous environment, healthcare insurance companies must find ways to deliver higher value at lower cost—and to achieve that, they need to first look inside their own organizations to root out wasteful processes and redundant efforts.

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Qorus Productivity Marketing Playbook

Qorus Marketing Productivity Playbook

Practical tips for creating an efficient, high performing marketing team.

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Qorus Survey Report 2016/17

State of Proposal Management report 2016/17

Download the ebook to see how we created a practical content marketing strategy, using a number of software solutions to help us amplify our message and measure the impact.

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Modern Marketing eBook

Modern marketing in the real world

Download the ebook to see how we created a practical content marketing strategy, using a number of software solutions to help us amplify our message and measure the impact.

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An Agile Approach to Legal Pitches and Proposals guide

An agile approach to legal pitches and proposals

This guide is designed to help you get started in embracing an agile approach that is iterative, incremental and, ultimately, transformational. 

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Reputation Driven RFPs eBook

Reputation driven RFPs

How law firms can compete with incumbents by creating better RFP responses, more efficiently.

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Sales & Marketing eBook Cover

The future of B2B sales and marketing

Download our guide to find out how marketers are taking advantage of new ways to support sales teams and help them convert more prospects to customers.

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Connect the dots to accelerate sales eBook

Connecting the dots to accelerate sales

Creating a solid and repeatable sales process is a crucial part of the Sales Director's role. Find out how pitch and proposal management software is helping business developers respond to more inquiries, faster and better - by extending the power of CRM.

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Guide to winning proposal methodologies cover

Guide to Winning Proposal Methodologies

Find out how a winning proposal process can save your business valuable resources and ensure that you generate winning proposals that stand out from the crowd.

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State of Proposal Management 2015 report cover

The State of Proposal Management 2015 report

This report highlights the findings of our 2015 survey into how sales, marketing, bid and proposal professionals feel about and manage the proposal process. Download a copy for interesting in-sights and practical tips that apply to everyone involved in the bid or proposal creation process.

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Your Essential Guide to law firm marketing cover

Your Essential Guide to Law Firm Marketing

It's a great time to be a law firm marketer, but also a bit tricky. New technology is changing the way customers interact with us, but traditional approaches are still relevant. Those who can perfect the art of blending old and new will see the biggest rewards.

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Everything you need to know about pitch, proposal & RFP software cover

Everything you need to know about Proposal Management Software

This eBook addresses some of the big questions when it comes to deciding whether your company needs proposal management software. Learn more about what it is, how to tell if your company needs it, what features to look out for and what else you need to consider.

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Business Process Automation eBook Cover

Guide to Business Process Automation

In this guide, we discuss the past, present and future of business process automation, look at which processes are best-suited to automation, and explore trends for 2015 and beyond.

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The Future of B2B Sales and Technology

This eBook explores how the technology-driven Sales team of the future will be more social, connected and empowered than ever. It also provides advice on what Sales teams should be doing and thinking about today in order to avoid getting left behind and improve their sales performance.

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The Ultimate Guide to Winning Proposals

A winning proposal presents your company in the best possible light, and is very often the thing that stands between you and a potentially lucrative business deal.

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Holistic guide to acquiring new clients and growing accounts cover

A Holistic Guide to Acquiring New Clients and Growing Accounts

Download this guide to find out how. with the right technology, institutional asset management firms can streamline the way they win (and keep) business.

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Guide to future proofing your law firm cover

Guide to Future Proofing your Law Firm

Law firm proposals and pitch books are an increasingly important means of business development in today’s competitive industry. Download this guide to find out how technology is changing the legal landscape.

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