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SoftwareReviews Buyer Experience Report: Proposal Management

Trying to decide if QorusDocs proposal management software is right for your company?

Curious to know QorusDocs stacks up against the competition? (Hint: we crushed it!)

SoftwareReviews (a division of Info-Tech Research Group) has just released the new Buyer Experience Report on Proposal Management. Employing a methodology built on decades of experience helping businesses select software, SoftwareReviews captures the most useful information on software performance to help evaluate, compare, and ultimately select the best tool for your business. 

Proposal Management Systems allow sales organizations to more easily and efficiently manage their Request for Proposal creation and approval process. Proposal management software will allow users to easily generate RFPs using pre-approved templates and workflows, as well as provide a means to manage and respond to next steps along the sales process.

A few highlights from the Buyer Experience Report include: 

  • 100% of QorusDocs users assert that our software is critical to their business success 
  • 98% of QorusDocs users agree that our software enables performance and productivity 
  • 100% service experience score for being caring, effective, efficient, respectful and saving time 

Find out all the details about what makes QorusDocs’ AI-powered proposal management software stand out from the crowd in SoftwareReviews’ Buyer Experience Report: Proposal Management