Simplify your RFP process, boost sales velocity

As a SaaS provider, demonstrating value and exceeding customer expectations are top priorities. With QorusDocs you can quickly get to showcasing your capabilities to meet unique customer requirements. Our smart, AI-enabled software puts the most engaging content for RFP responses, proposals, presentations, security questionnaires, and statements of work (SOWs) right at your fingertips.

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Are you missing revenue goals because of inefficient
proposal and RFP processes?

QorusDocs will streamline your proposals and RFP responses and save your sales team hours on every
document while also giving you detailed insights on client engagement.
Wasting hours
Sales team spending too much time creating business-critical documents?
Our automated system will boost productivity across your organization, allowing your sales team to spend more time selling and less time on proposals and RFP responses.
Competitive solution
Are your RFPs competitive?
Modernize your workflow with business-critical documents and efficiently craft and collaborate on detailed proposals and RFP responses that showcase the quality of your software.
In the dark about proposal effectiveness?
Track customer insights in real time and analyze your win/loss data to improve future documents and tailor smarter client follow-up conversations.

Optimized proposal creation,
detailed data insights

95% of users said QorusDocs helped increase their win rate. That’s because our proposal
automation software gives sales teams real-time insights, allowing for a more personalized,
tailored experience with clients and prospects.

Optimized proposal creation, detailed data insights


AI-powered content optimization

Spend more time selling your specialized software and stay ahead of the competition. Our automated system gets smarter with each use, providing tailored recommendations from your most engaging content.

Effortlessly create winning proposals and RFP responses

Innovate your proposal and RFP processes and create professional-looking documents 5X faster. QorusDocs enables your sales team to drag and drop the latest pre-approved content directly into your documents.

Real-time client engagement insights
Get the comprehensive data insights you need to monitor client satisfaction. Our built-in measurement tools track engagement in real-time and show you how long a client stays on each page, what they click on, and what they share. This allows you to create smarter follow-up conversations with the information they care about.
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Transforming the way we work: QorusDocs is easy to use, easy to understand and flexible. It caters to various needs across our business and functions as a modern end to end tool that allows users a single place to monitor their projects.

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Nigel Stephens

Sales Operations Associate

Streamlined collaboration, secure
document sharing

QorusDocs makes it easy to attract prospects and sell your world-class software offerings.
Collaborate with experts to articulate business value and stay ahead by securely sharing proposals and
RFP responses from anywhere.

Collaborating on documents has never been this easy

Need an engineer to weigh in on your latest RFP response or security questionnaire? With QorusDocs, you can get the expert feedback you need instantly from within your everyday applications.

Share proposals and boost your sales velocity

Securely share documents and grow your business no matter where you’re working. Our cloud-based software was purpose-built for geographically dispersed workforces, and uses Microsoft Azure and signNow to ensure the highest level of security and compliance for all of your proposal content.

Professional Services Collaboration


Create smarter RFP responses and
watch new business roll in

It’s time to land that client you’ve been chasing. Schedule a personalized demo today and take
the next step to smart, speedy proposal and RFP response creation.

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Extending Productivity Benefits Across Bid, Sales and Service teams

CDW Corporation adopted QorusDocs and gained efficiencies in content search and storage.
Sales response
Content Hub

Standardized, up-to-date content across thousands of records and templates

Fast content search
Fast search and locate

Using add-ins for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, users can get their content in record time

Collaboration between customer facing teams

QorusDocs used across bid and sales teams across business, government, education and healthcare verticals

QorusDocs works where you work

Increase efficiency using your existing technologyQorusDocs works within your sales team’s familiar Microsoft applications and CRM systems to streamline document creation and collaboration.
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C-Suite Proposal Management Software

Get your C-Suite behind Proposal Management Software

How do you improve your chances of winning a contract as RFPs become more nuanced and checked by more decision makers? Download this guide to learn why proposal management software is a must-have tool.

Innovative proposal automation software for SaaS providers

QorusDocs adapts to your business needs on the fly. Schedule a one-on-one demo today to learn how we can optimize your proposal and RFP processes and help you expand your client base.