With QorusDocs, our sales team has a one-stop shop for all sales and go-to-market collateral, helping accelerate the deal cycle and boost win rates. Plus, our proposals and sales teams have been able to Increase productivity, eliminating
the need to hire more resources.

Dave Frederickson
EVP Sales, Long View

QorusDocs has enabled us to leverage automation to be more efficient in how we search for, create, and use content. Our users save valuable time in the proposal process as they can pull down customizable templates and search for and insert content – all within the same tool.

Alexandra M
Senior Administrator & Content Manager (North America), CDW Corporation

I see QorusDocs as being a single source of truth, not only for our team, but for other teams, whether that’s marketing, tech writing, sales. By enabling us to aggregate, organize, and control our content, QorusDocs protects our content— and by extension, our company. At the same time, QorusDocs offers people easy access to reliable content, fosters trusted collaboration, and drives efficiency through our proposal process.

Estevan Torres