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Kramer Levin

Increased efficiencies with QorusDocs integrations

Premier law firm, Kramer Levin has been working with QorusDocs since 2014 when they jointly developed one of the most intuitive legal marketing solutions on the market. As a result, legal bid and marketing teams around the world are able to increase productivity and effectiveness. Most recently, Kramer Levin migrated to their CRM system, and they have subsequently seen an even greater return on investment using QorusDocs to manage their content.

An innovative content and pitch generation solution for the legal industry

Five years ago, Kramer Levin was looking to accelerate the process of managing business development content. The team was manually updating bios, experience and practice service descriptions across the firm’s website, deal matter and RFP content. The firm also wanted an easier way to collaborate on pitches. These documents all required formatting by the firm’s in-house graphics team, who often worked extra hours to get through their heavy workload.

They needed a solution that was intuitive and easy to use, and that could integrate with their website CMS. After realizing that the solution that they needed didn’t exist, they approached QorusDocs to craft an innovative content and pitch management solution.

Kramer Levin and QorusDocs worked intensively on the solution for a period of six months. The firm’s marketing and business development team played a big role in shaping the solution. The result was a next-generation content and pitch solution for the legal industry.

"We have calculated that we spend almost 30% less time creating and managing content. It also helped us increase pitch output by about 25%."

Jennifer Manton 800
Jennifer Manton

Managing Director, Chief Marketing/Business Development Officer
Kramer Levin

Moving forward with intelligent integrations

The legal edition of QorusDocs integrates with a growing list of CMS applications. These integrations convert website content such as attorney bios, experience and practice area overviews to native Microsoft formats. This content automatically becomes available for use in pitches, RFP responses, capability brochures, and even event marketing materials.

Kramer Levin is now integrating QorusDocs with their CRM system so that pitches and RFPs can be directly associated with CRM opportunities. The firm is able to initiate all projects via the CRM and tie in matter information when working on pitches. In addition, the firm is now able to update bios, practice descriptions and experience information on its website via the CRM. Updates made to the Kramer Levin website are automatically replicated in QorusDocs and made available in proposal-ready formats.

“Our business development and marketing team has benefitted greatly from using QorusDocs. We’ve experienced definite improvements in the management of our content and the speed at which we’re able to put together pitches. We’re able to search for and find content easily, stay organized and respond quickly,” says Matthew Loomis, Business Development Specialist at Kramer Levin. “After integrating QorusDocs with our CRM system, we’ve become even more efficient in turning around drafts. Having everything in one central location saves a huge amount of time.”

A notable impact and positive results

The benefits that Kramer Levin has experienced since introducing QorusDocs include:

Up to date Content

The management of business development content has been accelerated and streamlined – the firm simply makes sure that it’s up to date in the website CMS and QorusDocs automatically updates relevant content elsewhere.

Greater Efficiency

Turning around drafts to attorneys has become much more efficient, especially after developing templates.

RFPs Response Time

Responding to RFPs has been made easier with the Q&A feature.

Time Savings

Designers spend half as much time formatting content as what they used to thanks to the Word and PowerPoint templating features.

The design team has cut the hours of overtime they log.  


The quality and consistency of documents have improved.

“Kramer Levin is a great example of the type of firm that will thrive in future - it understands and embraces the productivity benefits of digital transformation. We’re pleased that Kramer Levin is able to generate tailored pitches faster, report on the effectiveness of their BD content, and ultimately secure more business.”

Ray Meiring@2x
Ray Meiring

CEO of QorusDocs

About Kramer Levin

Kramer Levin provides its clients proactive, creative and pragmatic solutions that address today’s most challenging legal issues. The firm is headquartered in New York, with offices in Silicon Valley and Paris, and fosters a strong culture of involvement in public and community service. For more information, visit

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