AI-powered efficiency for RFP response, pitches and proposals

QorusDocs intuitive AI technology recommends content, tailors RFP answers and will soon generate personalized content.

AI for RFP Response

Our intuitive, easy-to-use software connects to a library of approved content and past responses. Natural Language Processing offers the best answers to questions and intelligently inserts the answers into the correct position in your response document.

With the QorusDocs add-ins for Microsoft Office applications, you can easily create on-brand pitches, proposals, and RFP responses. Effortlessly combine accurate answers with your matching experience, biographies, and awards. QorusDocs’ automated system gets smarter with each use, offering content that produces higher win rates.

AI-powered RFP responses personalized to your audience

QorusDocs Generative AI (coming soon) will help you further tailor your RFP answers to your audience. QorusDocs can even help you present content in layouts that add extra visual elements– such as grids, bullet lists, contact cards and tombstones. 

With human oversight, QorusDocs Generative AI, will advise you on the best content, answers, and words to use in your proposals, while keeping your private information secure.

Take the guesswork out of what works with AI-powered dashboards

Get a hyper-detailed view of your proposal performance to gain a competitive advantage! Use QorusDocs dashboards to see how clients and prospects are engaging with your content including how long readers stay on each page, what they click on, and what they share. Use these valuable insights to tailor targeted follow-up communications and make your next proposal even better.

QorusDocs is focused on AI benefits for proposal teams

In the future, with QorusDocs Generative AI capabilities, you’ll save time tailoring answers and writing original content. QorusDocs combines data points from your CRM records, competitive documents, and your own detailed content to help drive decisions and focus your teams' efforts. Spend your time on the high value bids where you have a higher propensity to win.

"I see QorusDocs as being a single source of truth, not only for our team, but for other teams, whether that’s marketing, tech writing, sales. By enabling us to aggregate, organize, and control our content, QorusDocs protects our content— and by extension, our company. At the same time, QorusDocs offers people easy access to reliable content, fosters trusted collaboration, and drives efficiency through our proposal process."

Estevan Torres

Senior Technical Proposal Writer
Axon Enterprise Inc.

Turn AI-powered responses into revenue.

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AI-powered speed and teamwork for the win!

People, process and technology coupled with content, insights and security are the winning ticket for winning clients.

Smart, speedy proposal production

You shouldn’t have to spend hours digging through your content library for every proposal. With QorusDocs AI, turnaround times get faster and faster with pre-approved, branded content and a powerful recommendations engine that suggests assets with the highest engagement rate.

Simple, secure proposal collaboration

Easily create proposals and collaborate with subject matter experts from anywhere. Our cloud-based software was purpose-built for geographically dispersed workforces and uses Microsoft Azure and Azure OpenAI to ensure the highest level of security and compliance for all of your proposal content.

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