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From start to finish, the best proposal management software

Close more deals. Faster.

Qorus proposal management software empowers your team to create tailored responses for proactive proposals, presentations, pitches, RFIs, RFQs and RFPs 5X faster.

Whether you work in Managed Services, SaaS, or a Law Firm, Qorus has RFP and Proposal software to help you grow your sales revenue.

Remote teams closing deals through Qorus
  • Microsoft is a Qorus client
  • Jones Day uses Qorus
  • Hitachi is a Qorus client
  • Long View uses Qorus
  • Insight is a Qorus client
  • Baker McKenzie is a Qorus client

Almost 60% of the deals in your pipeline will stall because your team is unable to send their prospects valuable content tailored to each sales stage and recipient. Qorus offers a solution that simplifies the process of delivering relevant materials.

Built on Microsoft Azure, Qorus sales enablement software seamlessly integrates with the full Microsoft Office suite, including Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneDrive, as well as Dynamics365 and Salesforce.

Move deals through the pipeline


Locate relevant content

Locate the most relevant content for your client

Create up-to-date content

Create your proposal using up-to-date content


Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure accuracy


Build a single source of truth for your content

Track the effectiveness of your proposals

Track the effectiveness of your proposal for smarter follow-ups


Enable your team to work from anywhere with a solution purpose-built for a remote workforce

Empower your remote teams

100% of Qorus Customers say Qorus is effective at increasing sales1

Enable teams to deliver personalized proposals and create content in minutes versus hours, whether working from home, on the road, or in the office.

  • Incredibly powerful, yet intuitive, you can quickly create accurate, personalized, and compliant proposals, contracts, presentations, pitches, and reports.
  • Use our powerful recommendations engine to locate the perfect attachment in seconds without endlessly browsing through files to build presentations targeted to your prospects.
  • Discover who and what drives a successful proposal with built in measurement tools. See how long clients spend on each portion of a proposal, what they are sharing and what links are selected.
  • Tailor follow-up communications to build even more personalized client relationships.

1MDC Research - Qorus 2020 Study

Hitachi uses Qorus
“During the 9 years that I have been in Hitachi’s bid management group, I have seen what it takes to close deals. Experienced people, quality content, and the right tools all form part of success.

Using Qorus enables our users to find high quality, up-to-date and verified proposal ready content in seconds and minutes instead of hours. In the six months from our global launch of Qorus, we have achieved over $2.5m in savings, and I estimate that this savings should be close to triple that before reaching the 12-month mark.”
Neill Wilkinson
Hitachi Vantara's Head of Strategic Bid Management
Unparalleled sales enablement

Sales Enablement is the process of giving your sales team the right content, tools, and information to effectively engage with buyers where they are and close more deals.

Qorus simplifies the process of finding or creating quality, relevant sales enablement materials for every stage of the buying cycle, including presentations, pitches, proactive proposals, RFIs, RFQs and RFPs.

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Qorus is effectively increasing win rates

A recent study from MDC Research shows that more than 90% of users found Qorus proposal management software helped them respond more quickly to RFPs or proposals requests.

Further, 2/3 of Qorus customers say our tools have helped them win proposals or clients.

And 100% of Qorus users say our proposal management software has been effective or highly effective at growing their sales.

MDC Research - Qorus 2020 Study


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