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  • Build personalised presentations in minutes versus hours
  • Find and combine the most effective pieces of your content with data-driven content recommendations
  • Discover who and what drives a successful proposal with built in measurement tools


Make it easier to capture new business opportunities

Locate content

Locate the best content for proposals.

Create proposals with pre-approved content

Create proposals with pre-approved, well thought out content.

Collaborate with subject experts

Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure accuracy.

Single source of content

Build a single source of truth for your content.

Work from anywhere

Enable your team to work from anywhere with a solution purpose-built for a remote workforce.

Track the effectiveness of your proposals

Track the effectiveness of your proposals to create smarter follow up.

Almost 60% of the deals in your pipeline will stall because your team is unable to send their prospects valuable content tailored to each sales stage.

Are your sales reps among the 65% who say they can never find content? Or the 90% who avoid using the content they do have because it’s outdated and uncustomizable?

If so, then it’s likely that your reps spend less than 40% of their time on revenue-generating activities.

This is not good news for your business.

Deliver proposals 5x faster


Accelerate your sales cycle & boost
your win rate

Clear, relevant and personalized sales content is key to building and maintaining relationships with prospects over the course of your sales process. Unfortunately, finding and sharing this content with prospects is usually a frustratingly slow process. And as we know, if the typical sales rep can’t find your content in a few minutes, they won’t use it.

Qorus enables users to locate, insert and personalize winning content in a fraction of the time it usually takes. Create it in your Office applications. Collaborate on it in Microsoft Teams. Share it securely prospects and clients. Then track how they engage with it so that you can make it even better next time and watch your sales grow!

Accelerate your sales process and impress prospects by finding the content you need in just a few minutes. Simply access Qorus from your email, document or presentation, and quickly insert the information you need.

All Microsoft partners get access to a fully stocked library of the latest Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) content, as well as content from other leading ISVs.


Personalize the purchasing journey for your prospects by tailoring your content at every touchpoint with smart fields and rules.

Connect to the most effective internal and external content to build pitches, proposals & RFP responses that win.


The closer the collaboration, the better your chances of closing that deal. Our integration with Microsoft Teams enables your people to work together to locate, create, share, and track content.

Bring your best minds together on key deals

Securely send documents to prospects, then let Qorus track engagement to find out how your documents are received, and which pages are most valuable to your audience.

Track how your prospects engage

Track content usage and collaboration in your team. See how your prospects engage with your content and how this impacts deals. Send the Qorus reporting data to your existing analytics platform to integrate with your current reports.

See who and what is driving success
Gavriella Schuster
“Microsoft values its partners very highly, so we're pleased to be able to help them find the right content for every sales situation and put it to work in marketing campaigns, sales pitches and other revenue-generating initiatives. Qorus Content Hub also enables us to track content usage trends which means that we can make sure we are creating the right type of content for our channel and better serve our partners.”
Gavriella Schuster, Corporate VP, One Commercial Partner Organization at Microsoft

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