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Business critical documents are at the heart of your success… and so is Qorus.

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Qorus helps organizations create business critical documents more efficiently and accurately. Our software is incredibly powerful but highly intuitive and very easy to use. Even the most non-technical users can quickly create accurate, personalized and compliant documents like proposals, contracts, RFPs, pitches, and reports. 

Qorus runs on Microsoft Azure and integrates with Microsoft Office to enhance document productivity.

Our award-winning Customer Success team ensures our customers across all industries get the most value from our software. 

We have offices in Seattle, London and Cape Town. 

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Meet our founders to see where it all began

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Why no 'u' after the 'Q'?

It's a question we get asked all the time. We simply wanted a unique name that would invoke thoughts of harmony, consistency and collaboration. 

While we're talking about harmony, you should know that Ray, our CEO, often asks for more cow bell.We even have one in the office!

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Meet the whole team at our Cape Town office

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