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Office 365 + Qorus

Extending the power of Office 365 to make you even more productive

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Making Office 365 even more effective

Powerful enough to satisfy any document specialist’s needs, Qorus provides an easy-to-use interface, that allows for enhanced document productivity. Hosted on Azure, Qorus provides a mobile and cloud-ready platform for businesses of all sizes to improve accuracy, reduce effort and increase the value of their business critical documents.

“Qorus was a game changer - enabling us to dramatically increase efficiency, and we are on track to double the number of annual grant submissions.” - Teresa Docherty, Grants and Social Media Manager, Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue.

How do we help?

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Manage your content affectively.
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Find and use your best content.
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Build content repository.
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Collaborate on docs with experts.
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Track usage and evolve.

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Key benefits

Easy-to-use and intuitive interface

  • Streamlined and effortless document assembly
  • Use an intelligent form to select content when building documents
  • Assemble documents in minutes

Collaborate together on documents

  • Multiple authors and reviewers on the same document
  • Assign sections of document to subject experts
  • Track progress of document assembly

Rapidly find and insert the best content

  • Easily find templates and reusable content
  • Insert content directly in documents and emails

SharePoint and Azure improve productivity

  • Manage document assembly from within Office and SharePoint
  • Improve adoption and reduce learning curve
  • Ensure a reliable, scalable and secure platform you can trust

Manage intelligent templates

  • Data-driven business rules manage the content displayed
  • Pull content, data and images from a range of data sources
  • Report on the use and effectiveness of documents

World-class support and partner programs

  • Get Up and Go program
  • World-class partner network Award winning 24x7 support

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