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QorusDocs Auto-answer helps you accelerate RFx response

AI is no longer an experiment, it’s here, changing the game and it’s enterprise-ready for organizations who compete for business through bids.


The future is here! Read this guide to learn:

  • How QorusDocs Auto Answers uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), a form of Artificial Intelligence, to understand and analyze questions in your RFPs, RFI, and other vendor questionnaires
  • See how QorusDocs AI finds matching answers with the highest engagement rate
  • Watch as QorusDocs gets your RFx response from “unanswered” to “draft” in minutes

All you need to do is tell QorusDocs where the questions are in Microsoft Word or Excel, decide which Q&A library you’d like to use, and then sit back and watch!


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