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Executive Summary Template: Professional Services

Exec Summary_1

Stop wasting valuable time trying to write Executive Summaries from scratch for every proposal.

Work smarter and faster with our handy Executive Summary template, designed specifically for professional services organizations. 

An executive summary is a standard way to start any proposal. The format, particularly in Professional Services, can vary from firm to firm. Legal firms often use a cover letter style and keep it one page. Consulting firms often use a longer format, which can cover several pages. Either way, the exec summary is an opportunity to lay out the strategic differentiators of your firm and the advantages for the client of selecting your firm. 

Our template helps you take advantage of: 

  • Sample sections for guidance
  • Tips from professional services experts
  • Straightforward, easy-to-follow format 

Put your best foot forward with the QorusDocs Executive Summary Template for Professional Services—and win more business!